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Thriller on C-St 102911
Thriller on C-Street
Epidemic II - They Rise Again
Zombie Corps
Springfield, MO
October 29, 2011


During the late afternoon / early evening hours today, we went to Commercial Street in Springfield, Missouri.  There was the 2nd Annual "Thriller on C-Street" dance theater (Michael Jackson's Thriller song) that was taking place.  Dennis with Seek and Save the Lost Ministries came out with me to this event. 

Thousands of people crowd around as zombies "take over" C-Street.  They block off both ends of Commercial Street.  We were there to hold the Trust Jesus / Jesus Saves From Hell sign, and Dennis was passing out gospel tracts to a lot of people before, during and after the event.  I believe he said he passed out 600 gospel tracts.

Below is a YouTube video that someone put up.  It will give you an idea of what the event was like, and it will show the crowds.  This is not my video, nor do I necessarily endorse it or the account that may have other videos posted. 

Here are some pics we took.  See the Trust Jesus sign in the background of the first picture below?

One story to tell here, is that Dennis went all around the crowds passing out gospel tracts.  I heard several days later from an elementary school teacher - 6th grade, that one of her students came to school carrying the million dollar bill gospel tract.  She said that she had been given this tract while at the Thriller on C-Street event.  She was so excited to have it.

She told the class to listen as she read the gospel tract to the entire classroom.  It had a solid gospel message on the tract.  After she read it, there was a little 6th grade boy that was crying.  When the teacher asked him what was wrong, the boy said, "I don't want to go 'down there' ", and pointed down towards hell.  He said that he has been baptized, but apparently hearing the gospel message convicted him.  I think it's great that the girl had gotten the tract, taken it to school and was able to read it to the entire class.  Praise God. 

It was good to be able to get out and be a witness for Jesus and share the gospel with others.  We did this from 4:30pm - 6:30pm.  Later, from 8:00pm - 10:00pm, we went to the downtown Springfield, MO area to be a witness at the Halloween Pub Crawl and costume contest. 

To see all pictures taken at this event, Click Here, or see below. 

God bless,

Brad St. Clair