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Halloween Pub Crawl 2011
Halloween Pub Crawl & Costume Contest
Downtown Springfield, MO
October 29, 2011


Dennis with Seek and Save the Lost Ministries and I went to the Halloween Pub Crawl and costume contest this night.  It was a very interesting event.  We decided to go from 8:00pm - 10:00pm, as the later it gets, the more the party goers consume alcohol and become more unpredictable.  That doesn't bother me very much, but it gets a little more difficult to witness to someone who is drunk.

Here is something Dennis posted about the night:

Brad St. Clair and I witnessed at the Halloween Pub Crawl last night.  I tried to hand a tract to one woman and she turned back around and said "Look at the eyes, look at the eyes."  We have no idea what she meant, but she was very strange.  We think that she may have been involved with the occult.

Another guy told us that the apostle Paul caused riots wherever he went.  He then said "It's a shame Jesus died on the cross" and he walked off rambling.  Notice he didn't say it was a shame Jesus had to die or Jesus died for sinners.  I can't remember exactly everything else he said, but I got the impression that he thought it was a shame that Jesus finished the transaction with God on the cross
(in other words, he didn't want Jesus to succeed).

One of the funniest things all night (besides Brad getting flashed by a goofball in an overcoat) was I handed tracts to a couple of guys who were dressed in white dress shirts and wearing ties.  When they realized what I handed them they said, "Oh great, we are going as Jehovah's Witnesses."

As Dennis' post stated earlier, one of the funniest things that happened this night, was that while I was holding the "Trust Jesus" sign, a college age young man ran up to me, opened his trench coat and flashed me.  He only had a small cardboard cutout covering certain parts of his anatomy.  He shook in front of me for a couple of seconds, then closed his coat and took off running.  Later in the night, he came up running behind me and slapped me very hard on the rear-end and kept running as fast as he could. 


Above, Dennis is passing out gospel tracts to most everyone who walked by the corner we were standing.  He passed out a couple hundred, and I passed out about 50 or so.  I primarily held the sign, but Dennis and I did take turns. 

There was a young woman, scantily dressed, who walked by with five or six others dressed like her.  She screamed at me all the way down the road, "Jesus likes me...Jesus likes me...go f--- yourself".  I never said a word to her, but I was holding my Trust Jesus / Jesus Saves From Hell sign.  She was convicted just by seeing the sign. 

Part of this problem stems from many in the church preach a watered-down gospel message.  Many teach that as long as you say a prayer and ask Jesus in your heart, then you basically have your "fire insurance" and can live as you like.  They also teach a love only message, which only shows the loving side of Jesus and God.  There is another side to God that will Judge the world in righteousness.  He is holy and has anger towards sin and sinners who do not repent.  We must be careful to preach both sides of God. 

Being born-again and living for Christ is not a one-time prayer and live as you like.  We don't see anyone in the Bible living this way.  Once they repented and trusted in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they were on fire for Him and their life was radically changed. 

There were a lot of people out this night.  We were able to be a witness for Christ, pass out gospel tracts and Dennis was able to have one to one witnessing conversations. 

To see all pics of this event, Click Here or see below. 

God bless,