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Miranda Lambert 102111
Miranda Lambert Concert Outreach
John Q Hammons Arena
Springfield, MO
October 21, 2011


This evening we went to the John Q Hammons Arena in Springfield, Missouri to the Miranda Lambert Concert. 

I met up with Genet (who found me on the internet), Steve (who is with Born of Him Ministries), and Dennis (who is with Seek and Save the Lost Ministries).  

Police & Legal Issues

If you didn't read about my last witnessing event at the JQH Arena in September, I'll let you know what happened.  As we were standing on the south side of the JQH Arena, holding our sign and passing out gospel tracts, the Director of the Arena came out and told us we needed to move to the other side of the street.  He said we were standing on private property - property of the JQH Arena - which is part of the Missouri State University Campus.  We needed to move across the street to the public sidewalk. 

I explained that Monroe Street was a public street, and that the sidewalks along the streets are public property, and that we have the legal right to be there.  He told us as far as he knows it isn't, and we will need to move.  I told him I would be contacting my attorney.

After moving across the street, my friend sent me the MSU "Expressive Activity Policy" on my phone, stating the public sidewalks were areas for free speech, etc.  We moved back to the JQH Arena side.  The police supervisor Sgt. of the MSU substation came up to us and told us we needed to move.  I attempted to explain our reason for being there.  He said as far as he knows, where we are standing is JQH property, and we weren't allowed to be there.  He will have to find out for sure on their computers, but right now, their police computer servers were down - so I had to move. 

Afterwards, I contacted the City of Springfield, to determine which streets were public / city maintained streets.  I contacted the Director of the Department of Safety and Transportation at MSU by e-mail.  He was very nice.  We had multiple back and forth e-mails over the next couple of weeks.  I also contacted an attorney, who is looking into all of this. 

As it turns out, Monroe Street to the south of the JQH Arena is a public, city maintained street, making the sidewalks public sidewalks, where we are legally allowed to have our free speech rights - including holding our sign and passing out gospel tracts.  This is the place they told us to move from last time.  The Director of the Department of Safety and Transportation at Missouri State University e-mailed me:
It is certainly within your legal right to assemble on the public sidewalks along public streets, subject to standard time, place and manner restrictions.
There are four streets that surround the JQH Area.  
  1. E. Monroe St. - A public street.
  2. John Q Hammons Parkway - MSU owned street.
  3. E. Harrison St.- A public street to the north of the JQH.
  4. S. Holland Ave. - A public street.

The Miranda Lambert Concert & The Police

The four of us arrived, finally found parking, and set out to pass out gospel tracts - on the public sidewalks - to the north and south of the JQH Arena. 

I put together the large sign that says, "Trust Jesus" on one side and "Jesus Saves From Hell" on the other side.

Within five minutes, a policeman came up - and very politely - asked me if we were the Westboro group that was supposed to be out this evening.  This question shocked me, as I cannot stand what that supposed Christian group represents.  I even went as far as taking my family to Seymour, Missouri to stand with the family against this hate group.

I very quickly, and clearly, explained that I was with Repent and Turn Ministries, we are an evangelism ministry, and are in no way connected to that group, as I cannot stand what they represent.  I gave him my ministry business card.  He went to talk to another police officer and then returned to me. He said they were informed that the Westboro group contacted them and said they would be out at the JQH Arena this evening.  I told him that I did contact the Director of the Department of Safety and Transportation and let him know we were coming out, but we are not affiliated in ANY way.  He said okay and left. 

I don't know if someone is trying to start a rumor that we are part of that group, or if it was a misunderstanding.  However, when you are doing the work of the Lord, Satan is always somewhere close by, trying to cause you trouble. 

Above is Steve passing out gospel tracts to many people walking by.  Genet and Dennis were on the north side of the Arena, so I didn't get any pictures of them passing out tracts.  We passed out a total of 1,600 gospel tracts at this concert.  We could have passed out more, but we didn't bring enough.  Lesson learned. 

I stood about 20 foot away from Steve, holding the gospel sign.  People would take a gospel tract, then look at the sign - and many took a double-take look - and you could see it made them think. 

There were various comments after folks looked at the sign.  None of them were bad comments - that I heard, anyway.  One college age student read the sign, "Trust Jesus".  He said, "I already did that". 

That is one of the problems with people who think they are Christians.  They believe that because they said a "prayer and asked Jesus into my life", that they are now saved, have their "fire insurance", and can move on with the rest of their life - rarely living a holy Christian life.  The Bible says:

II Corinthians 13:5 
Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves.  Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you - unless, of course, you fail the test?

Matthew 7:22-23
Many will say to Me in that day, "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?"  And then I will declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!"

Another college age student read the sign, "Jesus Saves From Hell", and asked Steve, "Am I going to hell because I'm going to a concert?"  Steve told him that going to the concert won't send him to hell.  The important thing about the sign is this, it is getting read and imprinted into the minds of most everyone who walks by.  The Holy Spirit will continue to convict their hearts - having the sign flash those words in their mind.

I want to thank Steve, Dennis and Genet for coming out this evening to do the work of the Lord.  I know others wanted to come out, but they had family events to attend. 

I pray that every person that got to see the sign and that received a gospel tract will be convicted by the Holy Spirit, and they be born-again. 

God bless,

Brad St. Clair