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PBR Outreach 091711

Professional Bull Riders (PBR)
JQH Arena
Springfield, MO

September 17, 2011


Professional Bull Riders (PBR)

This outreach was later in the day.  It was still raining.  There were seven of us from different, Harry and Genet with Repent and Turn Ministries.  Dennis with Seek and Save the Lost Ministries.  Greg, Steve and Steve's teenage son, Kyle, with Born of Him Ministries.

Everyone was spread out all around the arena.  They were passing out gospel tracts to the people walking in to attend the rodeo.  After arriving, we walked up and stood on the sidewalk by the front doors with our sign and began handing out gospel tracts. 

We weren't only holding the sign, we were passing out gospel tracts to folks walking by. 

Here is a picture of Steve's son, Kyle, passing out tracts.  It's great to see young people doing the work of the Lord. 

After about an hour or so of standing passing out tracts and holding the sign, a gentleman named Keith came out to talk to me.  He is the Director of the JQH Arena.  He politely told me that the property that we were standing on was property of JQH (which is part of the Missouri State University) and he needed us to move across the street to the sidewalk, which was public property. 

I explained to him that we have been at the JQH Arena multiple times.  We have spoken to police officers and sheriff deputies while passing out tracts.  The most they told us was that they prefer we stay on the public sidewalk, which is on the other side of the brown posts surrounding the JQH.  I let Keith know that my friend already looked it up on the internet, and the sidewalks next to the street are public property, and we should be able to be there. 

Keith said he would look into it later, but for now we needed to move.  Not wanting to make a scene, we moved across the street. 

Here is Harry across the street where Keith asked us to move. 

After we moved, I called my friend who teaches at MSU.  He e-mailed me the link to the "Expressive Activity Policy" from the MSU website stating that a "non-University individual or group is welcome to share an opinion or viewpoint with the University community.  Acess for public forums is provided on the city sidewalks that run parallel to the city streets that surround and cross the campus".  

After reading this, we walked back over to the public sidewalk where Keith asked us to move from originally.  Approx. 30 minutes later, A Sergeant with the Springfield Police Department (MSU Substation) walked up to me and told me he needed us to move across the street to the public sidewalk.  I explained that we did move over there earlier, but we moved back.  He said he knows, he seen us over there, and was wondering why we moved back.  I explained the situation about the public sidewalk and it being listed on the MSU website.  I told him I had the website pulled up on my cell phone if he wanted to read it.  He said that he can't do that, he has to get it directly from the police server, and right now the server is down.  He needs us to move across the street.  

It was about time to leave, so instead of going across the street again, we wrapped it up and headed home. 

I will be writing the Director of JQH and the Sergeant an e-mail soon, to see if we can get this cleared up.  As far as I can see, It is public property and we had a legal right to be there.  I believe that the "Trust Jesus" / "Jesus Saves From Hell" sign we had been carrying caused them to move us away from the PBR event. 

We had a great time in the Lord.  Many people received gospel tracts and got to see the message on the sign. We had many people walking and driving by that would give us the "thumbs up" sign, wave, honk and wave, say "God bless you", etc. 

Pray for those that either received a tract or read the message on the sign today.  Pray the Holy Spirit convicts their hearts, that they might repent and believe the gospel and be converted. 

To see all pics of this event, Click Here, or see below.

God bless,

Brad St. Clair