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Evangelism Class 082209

One-Day Evangelism Crash Course
Christian Ministries Church

  August 22, 2009


One-Day Evangelism Crash Course

This was a busy, yet fruitful weekend.  On Saturday, August 22nd, I taught this One-Day Evangelism Crash Course.  My church, Christian Ministries Church, hosted the class.  We had 33 people attend the training. 

Setting up for the Evangelism Training Class

Me (Brad) Teaching the Evangelism Class

Watching an Evangelism Training Video

The Evangelism Class

More of the Evangelism Class - One Taking Video of the Class

The evangelism class lasted from 10:00am until 2:30pm.  We had a great time of watching evangelism training videos, question and answer sessions, and time for role-playing - practicing the actual "how-to's" of a witnessing conversation. 

I would like to thank both Steve Williams and Tim Mullins for coming in to attend and being guest speakers, as well as bringing their families with them.  I would also like to thank Kelly and McKinley McGinnis from our church for speaking during the class. 

After the class, many of us went to the Crane Broiler Festival to put into practice what we learned during the class - passing out gospel tracts and witnessing one-2-one.

In Christ,
Brad St. Clair