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Broiler Festival 082209

Witnessing at the Crane Broiler Festival
Crane, MO
My Church - CMC - Had a Booth
  August 22, 2009


Crane Broiler Festival

Our Church Booth-Passing Out Gospel Tracts and Ice Cold Water

Never Too Young To Start Passing Out Gospel Tracts!

Our church had rented the space for both Friday and Saturday, from 10:00am to 10:00pm each night.  We had to have volunteers from the church work the booth 12 hours per day.  You would think this would be difficult, but everyone jumped in and we had quite a few people from the church there just about the entire time. 

We passed out 2,100 bottles of ice cold water to anyone and everyone that passed by our booth, as well as giving them gospel tracts of all sorts.  Here is a short slideshow that Pastor Ashley Ellison put together of the event.  Both he and I took a lot of pics of the event - you can see them by clicking Here, or see the bottom of this newsletter. 

Many of the folks from church, including many young children, teenagers and adults, were passing out gospel tracts and inviting people to our church. 

Most of the people that attended this festival were very friendly.  However, we had a few incidents involving some of our youth when passing out gospel tracts and talking to folks. 

My daughter walked up to one adult and asked him if he wanted a million dollar bill (gospel tract).  He said, "No thanks, I'm trying to quit".  Then he smiled and placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her aside. 

One of our Jr. High youth attempted to pass out a gospel tract to a man.  He cussed at him and said he didn't want it (although he had other gospel tracts of ours with him).  Just a little bit later, the police followed this man and arrested him - public drunk.  He resisted arrest and the police had to put him to the ground. 

I talked to the kids who were treated poorly by the folks they were trying to pass out tracts to.  They were not discouraged by the way they were treated.  Matthew 5:11 says, "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me." 

Kelly (left) Passing Out Gospel Tracts

A good story.  We had a man come to our church on Sunday who came to both Sunday School and to the main service.  He said that he drove in to visit (quite a ways away) because he was handed so many gospel tracts...and on top of that, everyone was so friendly.  About every third person who handed him a tract invited him to church.  He said he had to come to church just to see what we were about. 

Leann - My Beautiful Wife

On Wednesday night, we had a man come to church that seen us passing out tracts and witnessing.  He is the Evangelism Director at a church in Springfield.  He said there isn't many churches that have an active evangelism program in their church, that teaches their church members how to share their faith and take it to the streets and public events, etc.  I spoke with him quite a bit.  He gave me some books and CD's/DVD's to check out.  I will give him some as well. 

Making Balloon Animals for People

Robin - In Charge of Making Balloon Animals

Rick Passing Out Tracts and Witnessing

Pastor Ashley Ellison - Someone Had To Keep The Water Cold

We had a great time.  It is such a blessing to be part of a church that has a heart for the lost.  Our Pastor, Ashley Ellison, not only believes this, but teaches the church to be a witness for Christ in their every day lives, as well as hitting the streets and events sharing the gospel.  Praise God. 

God bless,