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Transformed Event 051207
Way of the Master "Transformed Event"
Kansas City, Kansas
Street Witnessing at
Country Club Plaza - Kansas City, MO
May 12, 2007


Way of the Master - Transformed Event
Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort & Todd Friel

A group of us drove up to the Kansas City, KS.  The Transformed Event, which is put on by "Way of the Master".  Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort and Todd Friel spoke at the 4 hour event.  It was a "crash course" in how to witness one-2-one with non-Christians and how to do it simply, effectively and biblically.  It was very motivating and encouraging, and re-lit a fire under all of us to continue to get out and share our faith.  There are 150,000 people dying each day and most of them are going to hell.  What are you doing about it?

Before the event, we went to "City Market" in Kansas City and ate, as well as passed out gospel tracts.  After  the event, we drove to "Country Club Plaza" in Kansas City and hit the streets passing out gospel tracts and witnessing to folks. 

On our way up, we stopped at "City Market" to eat and pass out some gospel tracts. 

Kansas City, KS

The Transformed Event

Kirk and Ray Book Signing

My daughter Alexis in blue and Michael at end of table taking pics

Kirk talking to McKinley (brown shirt - our friend's daughter)

McKinley just a "little" excited to see Kirk

Back to the Transformed Event

Our group and Teresa Stevens group (Joplin, MO)

We went to eat at "Chubby's" after the event

Country Club Plaza Street

We passed out a bunch of gospel tracts and got to have a couple of one-2-one conversations with people


Street Witnessing Video

This was a very nice day.  We were able to fellowship with our team, learn more about witnessing and actually go out and hit the streets and put it into practice.  We pray for those that we spoke to and those who received a gospel tract.  May the Holy Spirit convict their hearts and they repent towards God and trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 


In Christ,


Brad St. Clair