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Street Witnessing 091506
Street Witnessing
Downtown Springfield, MO
Park Central Square
September 15, 2006


Street Witnessing And Training

Taking Evangelism Across Missouri


After last weekend with all the hecklers and such, we weren’t quite sure what to expect this Friday night.  We had GNN Seed Sower Michael Borich, as well as Mike Lynn and Matthew Parrott come out with us.

We prayed and set out in different directions to witness.  As we walked towards the bus station, we met up with two Mormons as they were out.  We gave them a gospel tract and talked with them and they gave us a tract of some sort, then we continued to the bus station.  We walked down to the bus station and began passing out gospel tracts. 

The nice security guard at the bus station told us that we weren’t allowed to pass out tracts at the bus station.  I told him we had a letter from the City Utilities attorney and he said, “well, as long as you have permission, it’s okay”.  Praise God.  Michael went ahead and showed the letter to one of the security guards later, because we kept hanging around the place. 

We met back up at the square and I jumped up on the wall with my speaker box and announced that we were giving away prizes to those who had the correct answer to the trivia questions.  A small crowd of teenagers gathered around.  They were asking if I had planned on asking the same trivia questions as last week, and they started spouting off the answers to the previous week’s trivia questions.  Well, I had to find my other list of questions then.  

We gave away around eight TY Beanie Baby stuffed animals.  Then I began the open air preaching.  During the preaching, many in the crowd began to go back to their group of friends in the square, but they could all hear every word that was being said, because of the loud speaker we have.  Michael video taped the open air.

I mentioned that what if their speedometer in their car was broken, how would they know if they were speeding or not.  The only way they could tell would be to get into the flow of traffic and keep with the flow.  However, if they saw flashing lights and sirens behind them, then their heart would begin pounding faster, they are in trouble.  They cannot tell the policeman that “everyone else was speeding” and get away with it.  They were selected out of the group and now it is time for them to face the law.

In the same way, you may be a pretty good person and be no worse than anyone else, but when you die and stand before God on the Day of Judgment, how will you do?  You cannot say, “everyone else was doing the same thing”.  No, you have to answer directly to God for your life.  How will you do on that day?  Have you ever told a lie? Ever stolen? Ever blasphemed God’s name? Ever lusted? (Good Person Test).  Then we went through grace and explained that to be born-again, someone must repent and trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

We walked around and witnessed some more, then I open air preached again.  This time without trivia questions and prizes.  Michael was again video taping the open air and the questions with the girl.  Afterwards, a young lady came up and asked a question about adultery.  She had a husband and child at home, but was out at the square with her boyfriend.  We began talking about various things and then she screamed and went running off.

Her boyfriend was in a fight with another guy in the square.  Michael had his video camera and was filming.  She broke the two up, then a woman ran up to the lady we were talking to and knocked her to the brick ground, mouth first.  The fight with the guys continued.  Finally it ended.

This other girl came up and began talking with us.  She is out with friends.  She said and they use the Way of the Master when witnessing also.  I gave her my ministry card and asked her to have them contact me.

As Michael and I were walking back to the car, the police and ambulance were there treating the lady that had her mouth smashed into the ground.  She was bleeding pretty bad, I think she might have lost teeth.  Michael told the police that he video taped the entire incident.  They asked for the dvd so that they could watch it and identify the woman that did this.  So, they now have the dvd of the entire night’s witnessing and open air preaching.  It is now evidence.  They are supposed to burn us a copy of it for ministry purposes.  Hopefully the police will watch more of it than just the fight and get to hear the gospel.  Praise God.

We told the lady that we gave them the dvd and she was glad about it.  Hopefully, this will make an impact on how she views Christians. 


Michael, Matthew, Zach and Mike (some of our team)

Brad, Matthew, Zach and Mike

Open Air Preaching

A very interesting night.  Praise God for all He has done.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair