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Street Witnessing 081707
Downtown Springfield, MO
Park Central Square
Street Witnessing
August 17, 2007


First, I'd like to say that I have stepped back up into the position as a Local Leader for the Great News Network (GNN).  This is an awesome ministry of Christians who know there’s nothing better a Christian could be doing than sowing the seed of the gospel daily. He/She desires that by all means possible some may be saved.

Mark and Angela from Branson came out witnessing with me tonight.  It was great to have them here. 

We began the night talking with a couple of guys named Mike and Pete, that were out witnessing as well.  They are part of Pastor Ron Burks' church group.  It's always good to have fellow Christians out witnessing in the same area.

We walked over to a group of rough looking teens that were standing around Park Central Square.  Out of approx. 15 teens, only one or two wanted to take a gospel tract.  They have seen us out there before and knew what we were handing out and talking about.  Mark kept asking them if they have gotten different tracts, finally he found one that they liked...the Ten Commandment Coin.  He gave some of those out.  Then a few of the guys asked me for the Million Dollar Bill tracts, some even wanting 5 or 10 of them.  They started being a little nicer to us.

Mark got into a conversation with Adam.  Adam was listening closely to Mark when he was witnessing to him.  He was asking questions such as, "what would happen if someone shoved me into the path of an oncoming car?", or "what if it wasn't my fault, what if I tripped and a car hit me?"  It sounded as if he was looking for a way to die, but was concerned about committing suicide because he knew about hell.  He said that he had already died twice and was brought back, and that all he saw was darkness, no hell, but he wasn't too sure he wanted to bet his eternity on that experience.  We gave him a "Save Yourself Some Pain" booklet and a "Are You Good Enough to get to Heaven" tract. 

We stood on the street corner passing out tracts to the people walking by.  We passed out lots of tracts.  Many stopped to ask, "what is this?", and "why are you doing this?"  Some of them were Christians and some were non-Christians. 

A couple of guys asked what we were doing.  When Mark asked them if they were Christians, they said yes.  One guy, named John, said that the small group from his church was going through the Way of the Master video training.  He said they have watched 8 of the videos, but that his group hasn't been putting into practice what they have learned, nor have they done "role plays", practicing what they have learned with each other.  I explained how important it is to practice what they have learned, so that when they are actually witnessing with someone they will have more confidence and know what to say.  We went through a role play and showed him what it is like to practice.  I let him know that if they would ever like me to come by and assist them in class or take them to the streets to witness, just let me know. 

Later, other Christians came up and asked us if what we were doing is effective.  We explained that it is very effective.  We are passing out gospel tracts, which we use as an "ice breaker" to start a conversation.  If they are open to talking we will witness to them.  If not, at least they have a gospel tract with Bible verses on it to take home and read.  Their conscience and the Holy Spirit will convict their heart and God will have used us to plant a seed into their lives.  I found out later that these folks attend the same church I do.

We stayed very late and caught the bar crowds.  We passed out tracts to many and witnessed to some of them.  We gave one man a New Testament Bible.  He was very appreciative to get it.

We don't have pictures or video of tonight's witnessing events, but we had a fruitful time doing the Lord's work.  I hope this encourages and motivates you to get out and witness to someone. 

We thank God for bringing folks into our path tonight.  We pray that each one that received a gospel tract or that we spoke to will be convicted and know that they must repent and trust/believe in Jesus Christ to be born-again.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair