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Street Witnessing 080706
Street Witnessing
Historic Downtown Branson, MO
Teen Challenge of the Ozarks
Their Comments about our Evangelism Class
August 7, 2006


Street Witnessing And Training

Taking Evangelism Across Missouri


We recently finished teaching the 8 week "Basic Training Course" through the "Way of the Master" to the women of Teen Challenge of the Ozarks.(Wait for Teen Challenge page to load).  We began the "Basic Training Course" approx. in May and completed the class on July 3, 2006.  The next step in the training is to take the ladies out street witnessing.  There were 13 of them that came out with us, along with one male visitor.  

Leann and I have been blessed to have been able to teach an evangelism class to the ladies at Teen Challenge.  This eight week course with them has taught us as much as it taught them, I’m sure.  I thank God for their passion to seek and save the lost, as well as their hunger for the Word of God in their lives.  We will continue to teach one evangelism class per month at Teen Challenge of the Ozarks.  We thank God for bringing them into our lives. 

We had some of our SWAT TEAM members come out to assist with the training.  David Lohn and his wife, Debbie and daughter, Ruthie; J.J. Lindsay, Danika, and my wife Leann, and our daughter, Alexis and myself.  Total count was 22 out sharing the gospel on the streets of Downtown Branson.

Here are a couple of pics:

Teen Challenge of the Ozarks Ladies

Me (Brad) on the left with my daughter, Alexis on top row

Leann, my wife, on the far left bottom row with my daughter, Alexis on the top row.

Like I said, there were 22 of us in all out on the streets of Historic Downtown Branson.  It was very hot and humid and there weren’t too many people out and about.  We decided to offer people cute little stuffed animals if they would take the "Good Person Test".  It worked sometimes.

We broke into groups of 4 or 5 and began passing out tracts and witnessing to those who would stop long enough to answer questions and sweat.  Overall, we probably passed out approx. 300 gospel tracts and had roughly 10-12 good one-2-one witnessing conversations with people out on the street.

Sometimes it was the team leaders who were engaged in the witnessing, while the Teen Challenge girls would watch and learn.  Other times, it was the Teen Challenge girls who would be leading the conversations and witnessing to people.  Praise God.

We thank God for bringing these folks into our path Sunday.  We all learned from each other and were able to share the gospel with both people who said they were Christians and people who were not Christians.

We even met up with a man and his son who were on vacation in Branson passing out the same type of gospel tracts that we were passing out.  He does the same type of witnessing that we do, that he learned from the Way of the Master. 

Thanks to those SWAT TEAM members who gave up their Sunday afternoon to assist in training.  Thanks goes out to the Teen Challenge ladies who was out learning and sharing their faith.

We thank God for you all.

Teen Challenge of the Ozarks

Testimonies of their time in the
Way of the Master Evangelism Class

Here are some pictures of the ladies and some of their comments about the class. 

"’Way of the Master’ has shown me how everyone can witness effectively.”

“Brad and Leann are great when it comes to teaching "Way of the Master". I love the class!”

“I have personally experienced how the effectiveness of Brad and Leann's teachings.  I would highly recommend this class to every Christian.”

“How to share the gospel the right way - Thank you for taking the time out of your life to teach me the way.”

“Thank you so much for the tools you have given us for witnessing.  It has changed my everyday encounters in life.”

“Thank you so much. You have blessed us with the most beneficial tools to doing what we all have been called to do.  Thank you so much.  May the Lord bless you all ways always!”

“I appreciate this class.  Through this teaching my eyes have been opened to the fact that my own righteousness is as filthy rags.  Jesus is the only way.  I also appreciate Brad and Leann.  It is obvious that this to them is not only a class to teach.  These guys live it.  I see  their burden for the lost.  The fields are white for harvest.”

No Pic

“Thank you for the wonderful instructions on how to witness to others. I loved the course!”


No Pic

“Thank you, the class is a blessing.”



Here is a “Letter of Recommendation” that Kim Sanders, the Teen Challenge Program Director wrote for us after the class was over.  It is very encouraging to Leann and I:

 To Whom It May Concern,

Brad St. Clair and his wife, Leann, have been teaching their street witnessing program (Way of the Master) for the past eight weeks, for our gals at Teen Challenge of the Ozarks.  The girls are always very excited for their class on Monday evenings.  They have learned so much from the St. Clair's and are now motivated to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Last week we were on a camping trip and the TCO girls went in groups of three to witness to other campers in the campground.  The girls initiated this plan of witnessing on their own.  They are so grateful for what they have learned, they want to share the gospel with others (Matt 28:18-20).

We here at TCO very much encourage all churches to go through this course to learn how to be obedient to the Great Commission.  

Thank you and God bless,
Kim Sanders, M.S. (TCO Program Director)

Like I said, this has been a blessing to Leann and I.  Please keep the ladies in your prayers as they go through the Teen Challenge Program and continue to seek and save the lost. 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair