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Street Witnessing 071709

Street Witnessing

Crane, Missouri

July 17, 2009


Crane, Missouri

On Friday evening, I drove to Crane, Missouri.  It's a small town of about 1,400 people.  It's not too far from where I go to church - Christian Ministries Church. 

I drove around town looking for anyone who was just hanging out.  I came up to a skatepark where I noticed some youth were riding skateboards and just having fun. 


As I walked up to the park, they were all staring at me, wondering what I was doing there, I suppose.  I just said hello, and said I seen them out skating and thought I'd stop by and watch.  I started talking with them, asking them about the park, how long they've been skating, took pics and video of them doing tricks, etc.  They were very nice kids. 

After a while, one said that he needed to go.  So I pulled out my Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts, and handed one to each of them.  They thought they were cool.  I explained it had a gospel message on the back.  I had heard a couple of them talking earlier about attending church, so I asked each of them if they thought they were a good person.  Most of them said they were.  I asked if I could ask them a few questions and see if that were true.  Sure. 

As I took them through some of the Ten Commandments, and then mentioned that the Bible says that "All liars will have their part in the lake of fire", Rev. 21:8, one of the young ladies was really shocked to hear that. She was asking questions throughout our talk. They seemed to be really listening and taking in what was being said.  I explained that Jesus came to earth to pay the penalty for our sin.  We broke God's law and Jesus paid our fine.  I thanked them for taking the time to listen to me and said I might come out again sometime. 

As I was leaving, one of the kids was reading the gospel tract to the others.  It was good to hear.  I thank God for allowing me to be able to share the gospel with these young people. 

Gray, Chase, David, DJ, Maddie, Catelynn (I didn't remember the names of the last two kids - sorry guys!) They are holding the Million Dollar Bill Gospel Tracts.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair