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Street Witnessing 061607
Branson, MO
Titanic Museum
Tanger Outlet Mall
Downtown Branson
Street Witnessing
June 16, 2007


We went witnessing at three different places this day.  We went to the world's largest Titanic Museum, to the Tanger Outlet Mall and to historic downtown Branson, Missouri (see the link below to the video posted online).

World's Largest Titanic Museum

We went to the World's Largest Titanic Museum.  We passed out gospel tracts from  They have a "Titanic" gospel tract that went over great here.  We just walked up to people and asked them if they had gotten a titanic collectible postcard yet, and most people took one.  When people go through the tour of the Titanic, they are handed a boarding pass of a real person that was aboard the titanic.  At the end of the tour, you are told if you are one that died a tragic death or one that survived.  So, the people are thinking of death by the time they get out of the tour.  The Holy Spirit can then use the following gospel tract that ties the titanic museum and the plan of salvation together in a great way.  Here is a picture of the titanic gospel tract. 

Here are some pics we took.


Tanger Outlet Mall

We were only here a little while.  While we were here, we walked around and passed out various gospel tracts to people while they were out shopping. 


Historic Downtown Branson, Missouri

Our team took different corners and areas of the sidewalk to stand around and pass out various gospel tracts.  Most people are here on vacation and are tourists, so most will gladly take the gospel tracts like the "Giant Money" and the "Million Dollar Bill". 

Here is a video clip of me passing out gospel tracts in downtown Branson. 

Some pics:

We were able to pass out quite a few gospel tracts to people in all three areas.  Most people were in a hurry and didn't want to stand around to talk, but they will take the tract home and read it.  We pray the Holy Spirit will convict their hearts so that they will see their need to repent, ask for forgiveness and trust in Jesus to save them. 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair