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Street Witnessing 061606

Downtown Springfield, MO
SWAT TEAM Witnessing
Street Witnessing And Training
Taking Evangelism Across Missouri
June 16, 2006


The following is from SWAT TEAM member and GNN (Great News Network) Seed Sower, Michael Borich:

Always an interesting time in downtown Springfield. Three police squad cars greeted us in the square when we arrived at 8 p.m. JJ, Danika and I prayed and set off to the bus station and then through the downtown area. We passed out DaVinci Code tracts, million dollar bills, some Good Person cartoon tracts and quite a few silver 10 Commandment coins. A lot of people took tracts, but no one seemed to have the time to go through more in-depth sharing.

We did spend about 30 minutes with Ed Brooks, a security guard at a parking lot adjacent to the Woodruff Building. He remembered the "friendly guy from Branson." He told us all about his stroke, heart attacks, his faith in God, his plans to serve God by ministering to immigrants, his venue for gospel music concerts that he's working on -- an interesting guy, and we ended up spending more time listening to him than we had planned. But, Praise God! another good soul to pray for.

When we reached the bus station on our second tour the buses were just leaving but we managed to get a few tracks in through the windows to people.

Back at the square the usual suspects were hanging out. JJ and Danika decided to do one more downtown circuit, so I went the opposite direction, toward the parking lot.

A somewhat weird evening, in our opinion. Maybe the presence of so many police kept things low-key and a little quite. Most of the people were on their way to clubs and restaurants, so conversation was difficult.

But we were faithful, and the Lord will bless the gospel materials that went out -- His word never returns void.

Pray for Ed Brooks.

In His Service,
Phil. 4:4


Thank you to Michael for the report for the night.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair