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Street Witnessing 060912
Street Witnessing

Downtown Springfield, MO & Park Central Square

1st Annual "Dam Jam Downtown" Event

June 9, 2012

This evening we went to the downtown Springfield, MO area, specifically Park Central Square, to go street witnessing and passing out gospel tracts.  Dennis and I met up at the Square. 

The roads around Park Central Square were blocked off.  They were having the 1st ever "Dam Jam Downtown" event.  There was loud music playing, booths set up and many people and police swarming about.  Beer was being sold at the event, so there was a lot of drinking going on.  The police had a certain area where they were bringing all the intoxicated people - Dennis and I almost walked right through it. 

We prayed and started passing out Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts to those in the Square area, then we proceeded to walk around downtown and pass tracts out to those on the outskirts. 

This week, as last week, we ran into a good number of teenagers who were rude and angry towards the gospel.  We still had many who took the gospel tracts. 

One young man who Dennis gave a gospel tract to asked for more so that he could pass them out. 

I handed one gentleman sitting at a table a tract, and he in turn handed me an envelope that said, "Just for you" on it.  Inside it had a typed out letter from him, explaining a bit about Christianity and how to be saved in it.  Very cool. 

Pray for those who received a gospel tract this night. 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair