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Street Witnessing 060906

Downtown Springfield, MO
SWAT TEAM Witnessing
Street Witnessing And Training
Taking Evangelism Across Missouri
June 9, 2006


I went out of town this weekend, but we have reports from team members who went out.

From Michael Borich, GNN Seed Sower & SWAT TEAM member:

Excellent night out witnessing, warm, even though it was an off-Friday and not too busy downtown.

Eight of us met at the square at 8 p.m. -- Jeff, JJ, Danika, Mike, his fiance’, her son and daughter, and myself. Later Lee and his friend Chandler (?) -- not sure I recall, but his name did begin with a C also joined us.

Jeff and I walked around the downtown area. We first met the two Glendale girls, Melissa and Myka, who I have witnessed to a half dozen times. Jeff went through the
Good Person test with Melissa (she didn't do too well), but we gave them gospel materials and shared with them.

We then passed out a lot of million dollar bills, some silver coins, some Good Person cartoon tracts.

I took a girl named Kristen through the Good Person test; she had made a profession as a middle school student, but was not living a consecrated life. But we passed out more gospel materials to she and her friends.

Then we rejoined everyone, and on our way to the bus station, heard music coming from
Gary and Monica Dennington's loft, so we went up -- they were recording a song for their website. About 20 people were there -- listening, helping -- so we added five more.

Then we went to the bus station and were able to pass out another 20 or so tracts and silver coins.

Mike with his group had an excellent experience. We felt that the Lord had blessed much good seed planting, much more than we might have expected.

In His Service,

The following is from Mike Lynch. Mike has been out witnessing with the team a couple times now.

Traci and two of her three children, Zach and Abbi, joined the rest if the SWAT Team and I last night. The kids handed out about 50 "Million Dollar Bill" tracts while Traci and I shared our faith.

Sharing there faith is new for Traci and her family, but they were eager to serve our God in this way. Though not planned, we spent over an hour with one man. He came close to putting his faith in Christ, but when it came down to the big question, he said he was not completely ready, but sincerely wanted to think about it that night.

He said he was with the Jehovah Witnesses at one time, but was now suffering from some form of paranoid schizophrenia and that "religion scared him". Strange thing, I saw him in the square while the team was praying before we went out into the streets, but I almost was not even going to approach him with the kids with me because he looked a little "scary" himself. God clearly spoke to me, turned me around as I was walking in the other direction, and told me to go to him.

When I spoke to this man, he quickly shared he had come here from New York, had been in the Navy, and was named Mike, all three things just the same as I. Go figure! Everything is part of God's great plan. I gave him some reading material and means to contact me. Pray for him as well as those who are coming to understand that the great commission applies to all of us believers.

Blessings in Christ,



I thank God for this group of Christians that see the importance of witnessing. Please pray for those that were witnessed to.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair