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Street Witnessing 050407
Downtown Springfield, MO
Open Air Preaching & Street Witnessing
May 4, 2007


It was a crowded night in downtown Springfield, MO.  They had some of the roads blocked off and people milling about.  We were able to pass out many gospel tracts, had many one-2-one witnessing conversations and did one open-air preaching. 

We had Michael Borich, Mark and Angela and myself out witnessing tonight.  I thank God for these dedicated Christians that want to seek and save the lost.

Below is a video of me open air preaching at Park Central Square.

The below video is a one-2-one witnessing conversation with a young man at Park Central Square and Mark, who is a member of our team.

This clip is of a one-2-one witnessing conversation of me an a man named Jim at the bus station.

Above, Michael Borich is video taping the open air, and on the left holding the teddy bear, is Angela, she came out witnessing with us (Mark's wife).

bove, Mark is having a good one-2-one witnessing encounter (Mark is in the blue shirt)

Above, this is the street that was blocked off. We passed out many gospel tracts here

This is the first night that we have been out in a couple of months.  We thank God for all the people He brought into our paths.  We pray for all the folks we spoke to and that heard the word of God in the open air. 

We also met up with quite a few Christians who were out passing out tracts and witnessing as well. 

If you live in this area and would like to go out witnessing with us, contact me and let me know. 

We will begin going to Branson and witnessing once or twice a month as well as hitting downtown Springfield. 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair