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Street Witnessing 050208
Downtown Springfield, MO
Street Witnessing
May 2, 2008

We met at Park Central Square at 7:30pm.  The weather was nice, with the air a little cool.  Greg Marlin, his wife and son came out, Ron Hayes from Mount Vernon, a brother named Todd who met Greg while he was out witnessing recently and myself were out to street witness. 

There was an ArtsFiesta being held in Founders Park, which is a Cinco de Mayo celebration of Mexican Art, culture and music being held. We passed out gospel tracts while here.  Greg decided to jump up on the wall with money and do open air trivia to draw a crowd.  After he gathered a crowd, he open air preached.

After he had a small crowd, he squatted down on the wall to have a better conversation with them.  He then ended with asking questions about the preaching he just did.  The people that knew the answers got the money. 

Greg has a website at

We walked around downtown and to the bus station.  It was very crowded.  There was a band at the square playing Christian music.  The regular group that plays with batons and fire were out gathering even more people.  Greg decided to do another open air at that time.

Ron and I walked over to the bus stop.  We passed out some gospel tracts and then I began talking to a young man named Shawn.  I asked him if he thought he was a good person.  He said yes.  I asked him if he ever lied, stolen, looked with lust or used God's name in vain.  He said he was guilty of all.  I went through grace and told him about repentance and salvation.  He kept saying that we all do things that we shouldn't...he was very nervous and jittery.  I thanked him for talking to us and we walk away. 

I thank God for all of the committed Christians that were out tonight.  We even ran into other Christians that go downtown that are passing out tracts and witnessing. 

We are just starting to get out and street witness more, due to the weather warming up and more people hanging out.  I should be sending out newsletters at least once a month. 

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God bless,

Brad St. Clair