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Street Witnessing 042106

Downtown Springfield, MO
SWAT TEAM Witnessing
Street Witnessing And Training
Taking Evangelism Across Missouri
April 21, 2006


The following report is given by GNN (Great News Network) Seed Sower, Michael Borich.

Danika and I met near the fountain at Park Central Square a little after 8 pm. Because of the pleasant weather, there was a lot of activity in the downtown area. After Danika led us in prayer, we took a tour of the downtown area, including the bus stop and passed out mostly million dollar bills.

We had a lengthy conversation with two teenage girls – Amber and Tatiana – who we took through the
good person test. Both admitted to lying and breaking the first commandment, but didn't think they had ever stolen, blasphemed or lusted. Nevertheless, both were not sure if they would be innocent or guilty before God, or would go to heaven or hell. We explained the good news and gave them each a stuffed animal.

On our second tour, we met Kyle and Dallas, two teenage boys who admitted to lying, stealing, blaspheming and lusting; Kyle said he was baptized and repented and even quoted us John 3:16. Dallas was afraid he was headed for hell. We asked Kyle why he had not shared the good news with his friend. Kyle seem to be Christianized – at least he said the right words, but didn't seem to have much conviction. We gave both of them the detailed
Are You Good Enough to go to Heaven gospel tract. 

Then we met Chris, CJ and Sandy – three of six BBC students who were handing out tracts and bottled water from an ice cooler. Chris admitted to taking Brad's CD on a previous encounter
(Hell’s Best Kept Secret), but said he hadn't time to listen to it yet. While we were talking to them and explaining the Way of the Master
and showing them some of our tracts, a young woman named Maya came up for water.

We invited Maya to take the good person test for a stuffed animal, which she did. It was a perfect opportunity to show the 3 BBC students how we witness. Maya didn't do too well on the 10 Commandments, but when we got to the last couple questions, she said she had asked Jesus into her heart and was trusting him. We made her explain, for everyone's benefit, if she understood what repentance meant – she had a somewhat vague understanding so we helped her out.


In Christ,

Brad St. Clair