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Street Witnessing 031006

Downtown Springfield, MO
SWAT TEAM Witnessing
Street Witnessing And Training
Taking Evangelism Across Missouri
  March 10, 2006


I just want to say that I was not out with the team this Friday night. I went to Oklahoma City to visit family. However, Praise God for the faithful seed sowers that we have. I want to thank God for bringing people to us and convicting their hearts.

The faithful that came out to witness tonight were: David Lohn and his son, Nathanael. Michael Borich, J.J. Lindsay and Danika. Below are the reports I received from them.

Report from the Great News Network (GNN) Seed Sower, David Lohn:

We (Nathanael and I) met Michael and prayed at the square around 8 PM. Nathanael and I purposed to hand out 50 of the Giant $100 Bill gospel tracts.  The first group we talked to was 4 teenagers who were willing to talk and go through the good person test. Mike was the yound man's name. We sowed some good seed, and they thanked us.

We then proceeded to walk and hand out tracks for the better part of the rest of the evening. We were running out of time and found a group of I would say about 20-25 kids gathered on the square. They received the tracks enthusiastically, but could not develop personal conversations with anyone. We ended the evening at the Mudhouse (coffee house).

Report from Michael Borich: (soon to be GNN Seed Sower):

Just a few brief notes about seed sowing this evening: Wow, what a beautiful, warm evening --- about 60 degrees when I got downtown at 8 pm. I talked to JJ earlier and he was going to arrive with Danika about 8:30, so I started playing my harmonica by the fountain and drew a few stray cats -- haha. Actually just some passing interest. David and his son Nathaniel arrived, we prayed, then they went off to loop around the downtown while I waited for Danika and JJ.

I watched David & son begin passing out big money to a group of teenagers -- they can probably fill you in. While I was waiting (and playing Amazing Grace), two young men stopped to listen. Then they offered me a silver 10-Commandment coin!  They were two of a group of six from the AGTS seminary. Nice guys -- sorry, I have forgotten their names and didn't write them down. They said they come about once a month, usually on art walk, but they brought several other students down that evening.

While we were talking, another gentleman walked up to the three of us -- his name was Mike, 40ish. Very friendly. He asked if any of us needed prayer. He said he and his wife were downtown ministering -- almost every Friday night for six years, he said. I asked if he had met Brad St. Clair, but he had not recalled doing so. I told him we would probably be bumping into him more often if he was out every Friday. He had some interesting stories to share about witnessing to Wiccans and witches in the downtown area. We also prayed; he bound spiritual powers over the downtown area -- a real prayer warrior.

David and Nathaniel returned (about 8:45 now); JJ and Danika telephoned him, and as there seemed to be more soul winners than lost souls downtown, I decided to head out to Battlefield Mall to catch people leaving before it closed.

As I was walking to my car, I passed out a half-dozen Ten Commandment pressed pennies in front of the tatoo parlor, but then met two young men, Tim (OTC) and Denny (Central H.S.), who took a Ten Commandment silver coin each. We went through the good person test, and when we got to heaven or hell, they both said heaven, on the evidence that they were both saved, though when questioned, neither had a clear idea of how to explain what that meant to someone else, or how one got saved other than in trusting in Jesus for salvation. They said they both attended Central Assembly, but not so often, and both had Bibles but didn't really read them.

So I gave them some basic instruction, encouraged them, gave them a couple more coins and told them to go share their faith and testimony with someone tonight if they were going to hang out longer. I felt they needed to be challenged to take their faith more seriously if they felt they were truly saved. As I left I felt they both understood the consequences of breaking God's moral law and need for repentance much better.

And almost immediately two young girls I had met last week -- Melissa and Myka -- students at Glendale said to me -- "The penny man." I had given them pressed pennies last week (they were with a larger group) and had played a song for them. Tonight I gave them each a silver coin and a million dollar bill gospel tract. They were on their way to the Magic Bean and didn't have time to talk, but said they would probably see me again next week as they cruise the square and downtown most weekends. I will have something new to give them, for sure.

By the time I got to my car (after 9) I realized by the time I reached the mall it would be mostly deserted. So, I called it an early evening.

Please pray for the people that were witnessed to tonight.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair