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Street Witnessing 021706

Downtown Springfield, MO
SWAT TEAM Witnessing
Street Witnessing And Training
Taking Evangelism Across Missouri
  February 17, 2006


Tonight was a really cold night...for Springfield anyway. It was approx. 25 degrees, windy, and it started to snow and sleet a little. There weren't too many people out and about, God used me anyway. Be faithful and God will show Himself to you.

I was on my own tonight. There was a couple more guys going to be out tonight, but for one reason or another it didn't work out.

I arrived at Park Central Square at 8:00pm. There were a couple of young men that I heard cursing and using God's name in vain. I said hello and gave them a Giant $100 bill gospel tract and told them it was a gospel tract, and asked it they went to church. Brandon said he goes to church every Sunday, and Aaron said no. I asked them if they would consider themselves to be a good person.  Yes. I asked if I could ask them a few questions to see if that was true.

I took them through the Law (the Ten Commandments). They said they would be guilty on the Day of Judgment. I asked it that concerned them. Brandon said he has been forgiven and Aaron said it concerned him. During this process, Brandon kept quoting scripture. I let them know that there is two things we must do to be born-again: 1) Repent, and 2) Believe. I encouraged them to really think about what we had talked about because we will all die one day, and we don't know when it will be. I gave them a "Save Yourself Some Pain" booklet by Ray Comfort and they said they would read it.

I told Brandon (the one that kept quoting the Bible) that I didn't want to offend him, but if someone was in a plane and it was going down, and there was a parachute on the floor, would just "believing in that the parachute" save him? No. It wouldn't. He would have to put on the parachute before it would save him. One day we will jump through the door of death. If we haven't "put on Christ" like we would a parachute (repenting of our sin, turning from them and living each day for Him), that we would be "jumping" without Christ into eternity.

He could even believe in how the parachute was made, the construction of it, etc. but even that wouldn't save him from the jump. Just like many people "believe" that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead three days later. They may know all about the "construction" of Jesus' life...but if they don't "put on the Lord Jesus Christ" like the Bible says, they will not be saved. They thanked me for talking with them. I told them I will be praying for them. Brandon told me he will be praying for me as well.

There was a man named Jody that walked up and sat down in the square. I handed him the giant $100 and told him it was a gospel tract. He tried to give it back to me and said he didn't need it, to give it to someone that it would help. He is a Christian. I asked him to keep it anyway. He has a bachlor's degree in pastoral care from Central Bible College. I told him about the Way of the Master and using the law when witnessing. We went through a role play of the good person test, gave him a "Not My Job" tract and a "Hell's Best Kept Secret" CD to listen to. He said he would listen to it. He was out there to pray. He prayed for me, that I would not be discouraged, for God to give me strength and use me in the days ahead. It was great. I thank God for you, Jody. (I might be spelling your name wrong).

Then, two other young college age guys came up named Thomas and Tyler. I gave them the giant $100 tracts. They said they were out with 16 people (I believe that is the number he told me) that were from Evangel College (Christian college). They were out witnessing. This was their first night out. They will be coming out one Friday night a month. I explained a little about the Way of the Master and using the law when witnessing. Many Christians I talk to have heard of the Way of the Master before, which makes it easier to talk about. I gave each of them a "Hell's Best Kept Secret" cd by Ray Comfort. They said they would listen to it. We shook hands and departed.

On my way out of downtown, I ran into Thomas and Tyler again (I had a very difficult time remembering their name!! Sorry. I think my brain was frozen). They asked me to pray for them, for boldness in witnessing. I pulled out some other tracts, the pink and blue curved illusion, the green intelligence test card, the Survey, the ticket to heaven, Ten Commandment Coins, Not My Job bookmarks, etc. They were laughing and we were having a fun time. They said that I was like a Christian "Carrot top" that kept pulling things out of my backpack that was funny. BUT, it was all gospel tracts. I explained how important it is to know what to say when witnessing to someone, to have boldness. It is important to use the law when witnessing to bring the knowledge of sin to them. They thanked me and they left.

I thank God for using me tonight to witness to Brandon and Aaron, then getting to speak to the Christians: Jody, Thomas and Tyler, and explaining the importance of knowing how to witness and bringing conviction using the Law.

Please pray for the folks mentioned in this post.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair