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Street Witnessing 012706

Downtown Springfield, MO
SWAT TEAM Witnessing
Street Witnessing And Training
Taking Evangelism Across Missouri
  January 27, 2006


Tonight was awesome!! We spoke to Christians, atheists and undecided.

There is another Great News Newtowrk (GNN) Seed Sower in my area named David Lohn. He is the coach for the homeschool football team in this area. He is taking his seniors through the Way of the Master evangelism training DVD's.  He has gone through the first 13 already. Here is a picture. These are the guys that went out tonight.

David (coach) is in the middle, one of his son's is to his right, named Nathanial. From top left: Eric, TJ, Ben, John, Luke, and to coach's left is Kristian.

Anyway, these guys are all excited about witnessing and sharing their faith. After watching the "Lie & Covet" episode, we went to downtown Springfield, Missouri. We broke up into groups of three. These young men have been out one time to the Springfield mall, but this is their first time out like this. It was somewhat crowded, with people out partying and going to the clubs.

Luke (one of coach's other sons) and Eric was with me. We arrived and went straight to the bus station. One young lady didn't really want the Giant $100 bill gospel tract and told me she didn't want me to try to "convert" her, either. She tried to give me the tract back, but I asked her to keep it and read it later-she did.

There was a group of guys there playing hacky-sack, probably 8-10. We gave them the $100 gospel tracts, one asked for another one. We went through the "Name 10 beers" (they named 11 easily), then asked them if they could name the Ten Commandments. Between all of them, they named 5 of them. I asked them if they considered themselves to be a "good person".  Most of them thought they were "pretty good". We took them through the law and then grace (see the "Good Person" website above for law and grace). We challenged them to think about what we have been talking about.

We walked down to the square, Eric began talking to a man who was a new convert that used to be a drug dealer. He is currently on probation. I began talking with him and asked if he has heard about the Way of the Master, with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, or has he watched it on TV.  He has. I did a role play with him, taking him through the law and grace, to show him what we do. He was given a "Save Yourself Some Pain" booklet and a "Hell's Best Kept Secret" CD.  We are going to be praying for him and his new found faith in Christ.

We walked down the street, continuing to pass out gospel tracts to others. We came up on three guys, Jessie, Andy and Matt. Jessie believes in the Bible, Andy is an atheist and Matt is almost an atheist-undecided. Eric began speaking to them and I stepped in when Andy started saying he is an atheist.

I took them through the law, then grace. We used the Pink and Blue gospel tracts, showing that we can't believe everything that we see. We talked for quite a while. I gave Andy, who is 17 years old (the atheist) a New Testament Bible, a "The Bible is Full of Mistakes" tract, a "The Atheist Test" tract, and a "Save Yourself Some Pain" tract.

While giving him all this, he said, "Wow, I have to first decide that I'm not an atheist". However, there was conviction in his heart. Andy said that I may have changed his mind. I didn't do it, though...God uses us when we are obiedient to His Word and be a witness like Jesus commanded us in the Great Commission.  I told him that I care and love them and don't want to see them go to hell. Matt said that he is undecided, so I gave him some of the same tracts. I will be praying for conviction for these guys. This was probably the best talk we had all night.

After the witnessing, we went to "The Mudhouse" (a coffee house) and coach bought us coffee or another type of frozen drink. We discussed the night. On our way back to the car, we went back down to the square and passed out tracts to just about all that were there, as well as all the way back to the car.

We had an awesome, Holy Spirit filled night. I thank God for David (coach) and his desire to teach these young men the Word of God and how to witness.

I am planning on going back out next Friday night to the downtown Springfield area around the square. Some of the guys said they will come out with me. We'll stay out later next week, to catch the party crowd.

We need to remember that when we go out to witness, we are to go out in love, showing compassion to the unsaved person.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair