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Street Witnessing 010906

Downtown Springfield, MO
Street Witnessing
January 9, 2006


I was contacted via my Local Leader page by J.J., and met with him and a his friend. Tonight I went out with their group to witness in downtown Springfield, Missouri. Overall, 14 met at a church to head out. Some go door-to-door and others hit the downtown area. They don't all use WOTM, but I think the majority do.

Shane Rumsey, a fellow GNN Seed Sower from NE Oklahoma, was in town again on business, so we were there together. The leader of their group started to pair people off into groups of two or three. Some of them began saying, "we are going to the downtown area", because they heard that Shane and I were there. One of the guys said, "I heard the regional Way of the Master guy is here (they were talking about me, as the GNN Local Leader), I would like to go with him". Praise God.

Since the leader didn't want so many people going with someone he didn't really know (Shane and I), he decided to go with us downtown since he said he was responsible for the group (makes a good leader). Here are a couple of pics of some of the guys that went out:

It was pretty cold and windy, so there weren't too many folks out and about. Shane had a good one-2-one with a young guy named Joe. He was a skateboarder. He was convicted and had tears in his eyes.

I had a talk with Sam, Jeremy and Robert. We went through the law, then grace. They were somewhat convicted.

We passed out tracts to everyone we came into contact with. Shane talked to a couple of people down near the bus stop. It seemed as if they were convicted.

I spoke with Shawn. He was having a tough time in life. He tried God once and was "saved", but it didn't do him any good, he said. He was nice to people and it didn't get him anywhere. We went through the law and part of grace, but then he said he needed to leave. I gave him some tracts and a "Save Yourself Some Pain" booklet. He said he would read it.

One guy that Shane talked to was a big man who said he was a preacher, but he was a bus driver. We learned from someone with us that he had been a pastor, but it all fell apart. He didn't want the gospel tract, said to give it to someone who needs it, and wouldn't even tell us how a person is to be "saved". He was saying we are not to judge, and that he knows what has to be done and he didn't need to hear it. A very self-righteous person.

We went to a coffee shop, where Shane and I talked with two brothers, J.J. and Lee, that are using the WOTM. Lee has been using it basically close to 8 years, after Ray Comfort came to his church to teach Hell's Best Kept Secret.  He would like to teach it at his church if the pastor will allow him.

It was a fruitful night, even though there weren't many people to talk to. It is very exciting to find others in this area that are on fire and using the Way of the Master evangelism. We made about 5 or 6 contacts that use WOTM, and they wanted to get together and do more training and witnessing. Praise God.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair