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St Patricks Day March 09

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Springfield, MO - March 14, 2009 Newsletter

Today was the St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Springfield, Missouri.  My pastor came out with us today, which was a blessing.  His name is Pastor Ashley Ellison from Christian Ministries Church of Southwest Missouri.  He was bold and passed out hundreds of gospel tracts.  If you are in the street ministry, you know that finding a pastor that believes in street witnessing, that will support you and hit the streets with you is very rare in the church world today.  I thank God for him. 

Pastor Ashley is in the Middle in the Brown Jacket

Pastor Ashley and me (Brad)

We also met up with the Jericho Riders, Greg Marlin from Born of Him Ministries and his group, Teresa Stevens from Royal Pathway, as well as Kelly and McKinley from our church.  All together there were approx. 15 of us out to spread the gospel.  Between all of us, we passed out 6,200 gospel tracts today.  Praise God.  We pray that each gospel message is read, that the Holy Spirit will convict their heart so that they may repent of their sins, and turn to God through faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  

Kelly and McKinley from my Church on the Left

We met at Park Central Square around 12:15pm.  We prayed and paired up to begin passing out gospel tracts.  We had Giant $100's gospel tracts, various styles of million dollar bill gospel tracts, including St. Patrick's Day themed tracts, etc. 

We probably passed out a tract to just about everyone in the square. 

People Reading the Giant $100 Gospel Tracts

Then Greg decided to open air preach.  He had his microphone and a box of stuffed animals.  He began by asking a bunch of trivia questions and giving away the animals to the folks who had the right answer.  He gathered a pretty good sized crowd.  He asked for a volunteer who could prove they were a good person.  If they could prove they were a good person, he would give them a ten dollar bill. 

Greg Open Air Preaching

He began by saying that the standard to determine if he were a good person would be the 10 Commandments.  As Greg asked the questions, one by one, the young man was answering that he was guilty of each.  He had lied, making him a liar.  He had stolen, making him a thief.  He had hated, which God views that as murder.  He had used God's name in vain, which is blasphemy. 

The Bible says that all liars will have their place in the Lake of Fire. No thief or murderer will enter the Kingdom of God. The young man did not prove himself to be a good person to win the ten dollar bill from Greg.  However, Greg gave him the ten dollars anyway.  Greg told him that just as we don't deserve forgiveness from God, if we will repent and turn to Christ, he will forgive us.  The crowd clapped as Greg finished his message. 

Teresa had a good conversation with a lesbian couple.  After she talked with them, she gave them some good biblical brochures to read.  She had one-2-one witnessing conversations with four other people as well throughout the day. 

Leann (my wife), passed out hundreds of tracts in the square and along the parade route.  She also took most of the pictures that are shown in this newsletter. 

Brad Passing Out Gospel Tracts Along the Parade Route

At one point, I was walking on the street passing out tracts to folks sitting along the parade route.  The parade caught up to me and for about 5 minutes I was walking beside the police car leading the parade.  After a while, the policeman asked me what I was passing out.  I told him, "Million Dollar Bills, do you want one?"  He said yes, so I handed him one. 

Pastor Ashley and I walked for what seemed to be miles passing out gospel tracts to just about everyone we came into contact with.  He had to walk across the street so that we could hit both sides of the street, because the kids seen the gospel tracts we were giving out and were running across the four lanes just to get to us.  We would give some out and would have people tracking us down and hollering, "Hey, can I have one of those".  After we gave them out, you could look and most were just reading the tracts.  This is a good seed of the gospel that has been planted in their lives. 

Quite a few of these people that took tracts from us and read the gospel message are folks that would not attend church.  They would not sit in a church service long enough to hear the gospel.  However, they will take a Bible tract, read it, think about it, then their conscience will work on them.  Then the Holy Spirit will convict them of their sin and they will see themselves guilty before God and they will know that they will stand before God on Judgment Day.  We pray they will repent and turn to God. 

I recently joined membership with the Jericho Riders.  

NOTE:  As of June 20, 2009, I am no longer a member of the Jericho Riders.  God has me going in somewhat of a different direction in ministry than they are going.  We still plan to attend street witnessing events together at times. 


Please pray for those who received a gospel tract today. 

I thank God for those Christians who are willing to give up their time to be obedient to the command of our Lord when he said, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."  Mark 16:15

Video of Gospel Tracts Being Passed Out

God bless,

Brad St. Clair