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St Patricks Day Mar 2010
St. Patrick's Day Parade
Springfield, MO

  March 13, 2010


Springfield St. Patrick's Day Parade

This is normally a big event.  There are thousands that attend, sitting in parked cars along the parade route.  Many are sitting in their chairs or standing on the sidewalks lining the street, just to see the parade and get candy thrown at them. 

Today was a little different than the normal Springfield St. Patrick's Day Parade that I've attended in the past.  It was cold (43 degrees), windy and misting/sprinkling rain. Some of us had prayed that the rain would stop as the parade started.  It did.  Instead of thousands being out to watch the parade, there were probably hundreds. 

I had some of the folks from my church come out with me to this event.  In total, there were 11 that hit the streets to pass out gospel tracts and to witness as the Lord led. 

To see all the pics of the event, Click Here or see below.

We met up with Greg Marlin of Born of Him Ministries and the group he brought out.  So in all, there were approx. 16 of us passing out gospel tracts and sharing the gospel. 

We gathered, shivered, got wet, then prayed that God would direct us to folks that needed to hear the gospel or who would take a tract.  We asked the Holy Spirit to open the hearts of each person we talked to or who received and read a gospel tract. We split up and began passing out tracts.


Judy and Dawn passing out gospel tracts

BJ talked to an older lady who appeared to be drinking.  He handed her a million dollar bill gospel tract.  She apparently was collecting them, because she had about 5 others in her pocket already that others had given her.  She asked what she is to do with them.  BJ asked her to read the gospel message on the back of the tract.  She then hugged him.

We had a great time while at the parade.  Not only did we get to plant the seed of the gospel into lives and water other seeds that were previously planted, we were able to have a great time of visiting with each other and other Christians we met while out.