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St Patrick's Day 3-16-13
St. Patrick's Day Parade Outreach

Springfield, MO

March 16, 2013


Today was the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Springfield, Missouri.  I haven't been out witnessing in a while, so I decided it was time to go.  My wife, Leann, came out with me to pass out gospel tracts.  My friend, Dennis, also came out with us. 

We normally arrive and start walking with the parade and pass out gospel tracts along the parade route.  This time we decided we would arrive early around Park Central Square and begin passing out tracts until the parade arrived.  At first, there weren't very many people around.  The three of us met, talked and then prayed.  We split up in different directions. 

It's not difficult to take a gospel tract out to a public event and hand them out.  We normally use our custom made One Million Dollar Bill gospel tract.

You just walk up to someone, smile, and say something like, "Did you get your million dollar bill today?", or "I'm giving away million dollar bills, did you get one?", or just a simple, "Did you get one yet?".  This will usually make someone curious enough to take one. 

If they ask what it is, just say that it's a million dollar bill with a gospel message on the back side.  If they are interested in talking to you about spiritual things, the door will be open and they will ask you a question at that time.  Or, you can jump right in after telling them it's a gospel tract and ask them if they have a "Christian" background.  They will then tell you how they were raised.  It's pretty easy to get into a witnessing conversation after that.  You would be amazed at how quickly a complete stranger will open up and speak about spiritual issues. 

After a while, more people began arriving and gathering around to watch the parade.  Most of the pictures I have are before the big crowds started arriving. 

When you pass out a tract to someone and they read it, the Word of God, the Gospel message, is planted into their heart.  Once this is done, it's God's responsibility.  The Bible says in Isaiah 55:11: "So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it."

Leann and I actually left before the parade got to the Park Central Square area.  There were a lot of people gathering around at this time. 

If you are a Christian, I challenge and encourage you to be a witness for Christ.  Jesus came into this world to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).  If you feel led to go out to public places such as this, great.  Let me know and I will help you any way I can.  If this is not for you, then be a witness for Christ in your circle in influence and share the gospel when the Lord opens the door for you. 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair