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Spfld Christmas Parade09

Springfield, MO Christmas Parade

  December 12, 2009


We decided to go to the Springfield Christmas Parade and pass out gospel
tracts.  The weather was cold and raining.  We planned on witnessing and
open air preaching at the square before it started, but because of the rain,
no one was around. 

I had been praying all morning that the rain would stop by the time the parade
started so that we could pass out gospel tracts to people.  We arrived, no
one was gathering yet and it was still raining.  We stayed.  At 1:00pm when
the parade started, it stopped raining.  Praise God.  It just barely sprinkled
a little during the parade, then right after the parade, it started raining pretty
hard again.  

Those from my family who went with me were my wife, Leann, and my
daughter, Alexis.  From our church, Chris and Pastor Ashley.  I go to church
at Christian Ministries Church.  It's a great church that has a heart for the lost. 
Pastor Ashley not only supports me in doing this, he encourages others in
the church to come out, and even comes out to street witness himself.  I think
some others planned on coming out, but the rain might have prevented them. 
We met up with my friend, Greg, who heads up Born of Him Ministries. 

                    Leann, Brad, Alexis, Greg, Pastor Ashley Ellison

                       Leann, Brad, Chris, Greg, Pastor Ashley Ellison

Before the parade started, it was raining pretty hard.  Chris and I were walking
past a Springfield police office sitting in his car.  Chris stopped at his window,
got his attention by tappin on the window.  The police office rolled his window
down and Chris gave him a Million Dollar Bill gospel tract and asked him to
read the Christian teaching on the back. 

We dodged the rain as much as we could.  We passed out a few tracts before
the parade started.  Alexis was giving them out, as you can see below. 
She is hiding behind her big hood because of the rain. 

                                          Alexis passing out tracts

                                           Alexis passing out tracts

At 1:00pm, when the parade officially begain, we started down the sidewalk. 
It stopped raining.  Leann and Alexis were somewhere else passing out
gospel tracts by now, so I started walking down the side of the road passing
out tracts to the people in line.  I appeared to be in the parade.  At times, the
marching bands about ran me over (and the big floats), so I had to keep an
eye out for that.  Chris would walk on the sidewalk giving out tracts to the
folks that I couldn't reach. 

                                          Brad passing out tracts

                 Brad getting mobbed (in a good way) for gospel tracts

                              Crowds watching the Springfield Parade

Chris and I would switch off positions every now and then to keep it interesting. 

                                          Chris passing out tracts

                                            Chris passing out tracts

We had a great time passing out tracts and visiting with folks.  We pray the
Holy Spirit will convict those who read the gospel tracts.  The Bible says that
God's Word will not return void, it will accomplish that which God pleases -
Isaiah 55:11. 

Below are all the pics that we took of the event. 

God bless,

Brad St. Clair