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Ray and Kirk in Branson

Worldview Weekend in Branson, MO
Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron
Witnessing in Branson
April 29th - May 1st, 2005


This was the weekend (4/29-5/1/05) for the WorldView Weekend in Branson, Missouri. My wife (Leann, who is also a Great News Network "GNN" Seed Sower in the Branson area) and myself, attended.

The entire weekend they had preaching about evangelism and reaching the lost. Kirk Cameron preached a message, "Soundly Saved", and Ray Comfort preached about "Bringing Your Child To Christ". Ray weaved his messages, True and False Conversions" and "Hell's Best Kept Secret" throughout the message.

Since the Worldview Weekend was being held at our church, Tri Lakes Center Church, my wife and I were able to meet with Ray Comfort before he spoke.  My wife and I were able to talk with him and let him know that we are GNN Seed Sowers in the Branson area (GNN and Way of the Master are ministry partners). 

I asked him if he would make an announcement and give out my e-mail address to the people attending, so that any that are interested in going out street witnessing with us in the future can contact me. He did so when the group of about 150 of us gathered before going out Saturday afternoon for the "School of Evangelism". I am waiting and praying for Christians to e-mail me
so that we can get a team going here. Please pray that the committed ones that are passionate about reaching the lost get in touch with me.

It was arranged that Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort "open air" preach at the only enclosed mall in Branson. Kirk got up and told a little about the Left Behind III movie and talked about his testimony. He began drawing a crowd by asking questions and giving away money. Then he introduced Ray. Ray gave away more money by asking the people questions. Then he asked if there was anyone who thought they were a good person. A young man raised his hand and was picked. Ray took him through the Law

After Ray stepped down, those of us attending the "School of Evangelism" started milling about the mall, passing out tracts and witnessing to people. There were probably as many of us attending as were there shopping and watching. So I think just about every shopper and person listening to Kirk and Ray were witnessed to.

Later, we heard that people shopping in the mall were saying, "What's up with all the Christians passing out tracts and talking to everyone". Ray and Kirk stayed for a while, talking to people, and signing things for people. We took our 10 year old girl with us (she is planning on being a missionary using the Way of the Master evangelism principles).  She was able to get both Ray and Kirk to sign a millon dollar bill gospel tract for her.

We had a good time. It was an encouraging time with other believers out sharing our faith, as well as learning first hand evangelism training from Ray and Kirk.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair