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Origin of Species Book

Origin of Species Book Distribution

Missouri State University
Springfield, Missouri

November 18, 2009


On Wednesday, November 18th, 26 people entered the campus of Missouri State University to hand out 1,000 copies of a book written by Charles Darwin - "The Origin of Species".  It took roughly 30 minutes to hand out all 1,000 copies. 

This particular book had a 50 page introduction by Christian evangelist/author, Ray Comfort.  Ray heads up Living Waters Ministry and is partner with Kirk Cameron in the evangelism ministry, Way of the Master

In this introduction, Ray gave the Creationist perspective, Intelligent Design, etc.  He also shared the gospel and explained how to be saved. KOLR10 and the Springfield News-Leader did a story about the book distribution on MSU:


Greg Marlin Being Interviewed By KOLR10 - Springfield Local News Channel

Greg Marlin Being Interviewed By KOLR10 - Springfield Local News Channel

Professor Michael Borich Being Interviewed By Local Newspaper,
Springfield News-Leader

CNN also did a report over the nationwide event

I was one of the 26 who passed out the books on MSU.  Greg Marlin with Born of Him Ministries headed up the team.  Greg partnered up with Living Waters for this outreach.  He did a great job coordinating the teams and ensuring there was coverage at strategic places on campus to pass out the books. 

Here is Greg's video

MSU was only one of 100 campuses in the nation to get the books.  Approximately 170,000 copies of "The Origin of Species", with Ray Comfort's Biblical introduction, was given away in the same day.  There was a total of approx. 1,200 volunteers in the distribution. 

Thanks to Professor Michael Borich who obtained a permit for us to be on campus.  He also assisted Greg in finding the best locations for the teams. 

Michael also talked to the Chinese Christian Student Association and let them know what we were planning to do.  They were our sponsoring group on campus. I want to thank them for this, as other Christian ministries on campus didn't want to have a part in this outreach.

The Chinese Christian Association Passing Out Books

The Chinese Christian Association Passing Out Books

The Chinese Christian Association Passing Out Books

The book distribution was originally planned to take place on November 19th.  However, when word got out, the atheists went on a rampage.  The blogs were ablaze from all the heated comments about Ray Comfort and his 50 page introduction. 

Richard Dawkins is one of the world's most widely publicized atheists
and evolutionists.  After he found out Living Waters was going to distribute
this book, he stated in a video that the 50 page introduction should be
ripped out of the book. Click Here and then scroll down and watch the video.

There were plans in place to take the books and rip out the introduction
or have book burnings.  Ray quietly decided to move the distribution to
November 18th, the day before the scheduled event.  He only told the
team members who were leading the teams - keeping it highly

The reason for the date change, was to get the book into the hands of
as many students as possible, without creating a distubance on the
campuses.  The Bible says in Matthew 10:16, "Behold, I send you out
as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and
harmless as doves."  I think it was a great move.

Some of the group that passed out the books

Due to the faithfulness of the 26 who came out to MSU to pass out the books, approx. 1,000 future doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc., now have a balanced view of creation and the gospel presented to them.  When you include the other 169,000 books that were distributed to the top 100 campuses the same day, we pray it will make an impact for the Kingdom of God.