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Million Dollar Bill

Million Dollar Bill

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 Tips in Passing Out This Tract

1. "Here you go, Thanks a million!"

2. "Here, you’ve made your first million!"

3. "Your Kid has a million dollar smile!"

4. "Here you go, keep the change!"

5. "Here, take this lady out for lunch (or dinner)…it’s on me!"

6. At gas stations: "With gas prices as high as this, you’ll need this just to fill ‘er up!"

7. "Did you get your million yet?"

8. "Here! Don’t die poor!"

9. "You work way too hard to not be a millionaire!"

10. If someone does something nice for you, like holding the door for you, smile, hand them the tract, and say, "Thanks a million!"

11. "You look like a million bucks!"

12. "Did you get the new Texas dollar bill?"

          13. "Have you made your first million yet? Well, you have now!"

A Video of us Passing Out This Tract