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Maple Leaf Festival 2011
Maple Leaf Festival & Parade
Carthage, MO
October 15, 2011


Today we - my wife, Leann - and I, went to Carthage, Missouri to the Maple Leaf Festival & Parade.  The Maple Leaf Festival Parade is the largest parade in Southwest Missouri.  During this week long festival, they have 80,000 people attend.  The grand finale is the parade.

We met up with Greg Marlin with Born of Him Ministries, who brought Bruce, Anna and Jim.  Dennis Vance with Seek and Save the Lost Ministries also came out with Greg.  There were seven of us altogether. 

The parade began at 9:00am.  Greg, Dennis, Jim and Anna went to one side of the street.  Bruce, Leann and I started on the other side of the street.  What we did was have some people walking in the parade handing gospel tracts to folks standing and sitting right along the street.  Others went on the sidewalk and handed tracts to the rest of the people. 

There were thousands of people along the parade route.  Leann and I went on the sidewalk and Bruce was in the street. 

Here is a picture of Leann passing out tracts.

Here is Bruce in the street with the parade.

I'm not sure how long the parade route was, but it lasted two hours.  We walked along the route until the end. 

Leann was passing out a lot of tracts.  She was handing them to teenagers, and also walking up to the people in the yards and those sitting on porches at their houses.  After handing the tracts to the people, they would normally begin reading them right away, saying, "Are you good enough to go to heaven?". 

Greg and I determined how many gospel tracts we handed out.  Between all seven of us we passed out over 11,000 tracts.  This is a lot of gospel message seeds being planted into the lives of people.  We pray the Holy Spirit will convict the hearts of all who received a gospel tract. 

I wore one of my new bold witnessing shirt.  After the parade, Leann and I went to eat lunch and then walked around the festival just to have a good time together.  I had multiple people give me a thumbs up sign, tell me they do trust Jesus, and one person even told me that they trust Jesus and he helped them through the tornado.  It's a bold witnessing shirt, that both is a witness to non-Christians and an encouragement and reminder to Christians. 

Greg and his group went back to the festival and began to open air preach with amplification.  There were many people walking about. 

Greg, Bruce, Dennis and Anna open air preached.  The police didn't say anything to them, other than asking them to move closer to the curb, which they did.  They also preached from different places in the festival. 

This was Bruce's second time to open air preach.  He did a great job.  God was working through him.  He was connecting with people and they were listening. 

Today was Anna's first time to open air preach.  She recited the birth of Jesus from Luke 1 from memory.  It was her first time - what we call, "Breaking the sound barrier".  Thank you, Anna, for being bold and being used by the Lord. 

We had a good time in the Lord while out sharing the gospel.  Please pray for all those who received a gospel tract or heard the open air preaching.  Pray they will be convicted and turn to God and be born again and live for Jesus. 

Click here for the link to all the pictures taken at this event (or see below). 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair