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JailMinistry 021514
Jail Ministry

 February 15-16, 2014

This weekend I did something different in my ministry.  I went to a local jail.

My church, Grace Chapel Church, in Springfield, Missouri, has a Jail Team Ministry.  My pastor knows that I do street witnessing, so he asked me if I would be interested in being a part of the jail ministry.  I've thought about this before, but I didn't know what I would think of it. 

I went in to do the orientation not too long ago at the jail.  They told us about it, what to expect, what we could and couldn't do, and what we could and couldn't bring into the jail. 

You will notice that this newsletter doesn't have any pictures of the witnessing in it like my other newsletters.  Of course, cameras are not allowed in, so there won't be any. 

On Saturday's and Sunday's, they have church services for both the men and the women.  The various local churches volunteer to lead the services at the jail.  Our church gets to lead the services about every three months or so. 

On the weekend our church was scheduled, I went with a man named Terry from our church.  Terry is in charge of our Jail Team Ministry.  I watched how he interacted with the inmates, how they interacted with him, how he preached, and I was even able to talk and pray with them a little.

On Sunday, Terry allowed me to have the privilege of preaching.  Not only of preaching, but of baptizing some of the inmates.  I was able to preach all three services on Sunday.  All three services had the same message.  A very indepth, convicting, salvation message. 

At the end of all three services, many of the men made the choice to either rededicate their lives to Christ or to be born-again.  I then explained a little about what will happen now and how to grow as a Christian. 

I thank God that I was allowed to be part of this weekend. 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair