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Gospel Tract Basics

There are some basic principles that should be practiced when using gospel tracts. Each person eventually develops his or her own style and preferences, but for those who are relatively new to using tracts, these basics may prove to be helpful:

Placing tracts on unattended vehicles may not be the most effective way to reach the lost. Many times people are more annoyed than interested and throw the tract down on the ground (which could lead to litter complaints.) Plus, if it rains, the tracts usually perish (plus people will be really annoyed when they have to remove the tract before getting in their vehicle, prolonging their time out in the rain.) If you do choose this method of reaching people, it is probably best that you get permission from whoever owns the parking lot first.

If you are planning on handing out tracts on property that isn’t public property, it is suggested that you get permission first. This can be very discouraging, because many places of business (like malls) will not allow religious material to be handed out. If you are approached by security or store managers and asked to stop, please be polite and leave without incident. You may be losing a battle in your mind, but you could risk losing many battles by not maintaining a good witness. Who knows – you might be surprised by the number of places that will allow you to hand out tracts. The point is to ask. The worst they can say is, "No Thanks."

Handing out tracts is perfectly legal on public property, though you may run into many (sometimes even police officers) who try to tell you otherwise. For more information on your legal rights to hand out literature on public property, go to

When you approach someone to give them a tract, show some enthusiasm. We get the word "enthusiasm" from two Greek words: en (in) and theos (God.) So remember to be "in God" and show some energy to let the person know that what they are receiving isn’t just some ordinary piece of paper.

If you are leaving a tract in a public place, you may wish to leave more than one. This helps people figure out it is okay to take one, especially in places of business. They may suspect that the store sells them and don’t want to steal.

Many tracts have an area that reads, "Compliments of:" These are great for placing labels with basic contact information. You may also wish to purchase a custom-made, self-inking stamp. You can usually get these for around $10 - $15 at Office Depot, Staples, or other business supply stores. Most are good for at least 500,000 stamps. This will provide the recipient of the tract a way of contacting you.

Don’t sound like you’re trying to sell something. Just be genuine, and try to ask, "Did you get one of these?" instead of "Would you like one of these?" The first question usually evokes some curiosity and makes the person wonder if they are missing out on getting something, whereas the second question completely puts the opportunity of rejection in the hands of other person.

If you are turned down when offering a tract, don’t let your disappointment or frustration show in either you words or body language. Walk in the footsteps of Christ and love them in spite of their disinterest in the things of God. Tell people to have a good day and smile. If you are holding a stack of tracts and are rejected by someone, try placing that tract on the bottom of the stack and grab a fresh one off the top before offering it to the next person. This has a psychological effect of the next person not getting a "reject."

If you have young children, you might be surprised at how effective they can be in handing out tracts. Even the most hard-hearted person has trouble rejecting a small child with a big heart for Jesus. For instance, train them to say, "Thanks a million!" when giving out a million dollar bill.

Last but certainly not least is prayer. You are fighting in the trenches on the battlefield for souls when you hand out a tract, but remember that you are not struggling against flesh and blood but against evil spiritual forces (Ephesians 6:12.) Prayer is an effective, proven weapon against these forces, and no soldier of the cross is complete in battle without it (Mark 9.) Before you embark on your mission, make it a point to pray.

The above info is from The Great News Network

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