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Gay Pride 6-14-09

Street Witnessing

Springfield, MO Gay Pride Event

June 14, 2009


Today I went to the Springfield, Missouri Gay Pride Event to street witness and pass out gospel tracts.  It is sponsored by "The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of the Ozarks". 

I met up with other Christians at the event to stand against this sin and to be a witness for Christ. 

See the end of this newsletter to view all of the pics we took at this event. 

There was another group there protesting the homosexuals.  They were from the "National Socialist Movement" (NSM).  They had a flag with a swastika on it - basically a group of Nazi-type folks.  They were standing across the street from the event, holding their flags and signs.  Their signs were cruel, saying things such as "Thank God for Aids", etc.  Overall, they were pretty calm.  They only came across the street one time to try to get on the sidewalk next to the event, but there wasn't any room for them so they went back across the street. 

Some of the Christians went over to witness to them as well. 

Kevin stood on a step stool and was open air preaching on the sidewalk towards the event crowd.  The police were there and asked Kevin get down.  Kevin politely let the police know he was within his legal rights to be on a public sidewalk, as long as he wasn't blocking pedestrian traffic - and he wasn't.  The policeman allowed him to stay where he was. 

Below is a man that was walking around the event.

I didn't wear a christian t-shirt.  I wanted to just walk around and pass out gospel tracts and talk to those God opened the door for me to talk to, without them ignoring me from the start. 

I did get to talk to some, witness to some and give out gospel tracts.   These same folks were standing or sitting around reading them.  I talked to two young ladies, named Brittany and Billie.  Brittany understands she has sinned against God and admitted she is on her way to hell.  She said it doesn't really concern her.  Let's pray the Holy Spirit convicts Brittany and Billie, as well as the hearts of those who read the gospel message. 

There were a few churches that had booths set up in the event.  They were not there to stand for Christ, letting the sinner know they can be set free from sin, be forgiven and be born-again.  They were there to support and endorse the homosexual lifestyle.  They want to befriend them, and let them know they are welcome as they are into their church - without ever telling them they are living in sin.  The leaders of these churches will have to answer to God for this. 

As I walked around, observing the homosexuals being loud and proud of their lifestyle, it was very sad.  It reminded me of Sodom and Gomorrah.  These are people that need Jesus, they need to repent and be forgiven of their sins, just like we all do.  Satan has blinded their eyes and entrapped them in the bondage of sin.  It is up to the Christians to stand up and obey Christ's command to be a witness, to preach the gospel.  Show the love of God to sinners.  Let your light shine...don't place it under a bushel.