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Flea Market 021007
Flea Market Booth Witnessing
Mall Witnessing
Joplin, MO
February 10, 2007


We, my wife, Leann, and my daughter, Alexis, and myself, drove to Joplin, Missouri to meet up with our friends Ken and Teresa Stevens.  They go street witnessing and event witnessing, like we do. 

They had a group coming out with them, and they set up a booth at a Joplin flea market.

This booth they set up is very cool. They have lots of interesting witnessing tools that will draw the attention of people passing by.

There is an IQ Test Center.

You can ask for a free souvenir:

You can take the "Good Person Test":

Or you can just take one of the many gospel tracts that are spread out on the table:

A good group showed up to witness to those who were walking by and stopped by to get something from the table.  My daughter is above and to my right, in the white sweater.  My wife is to the right of her.  It's nice to have them come out witnessing with us. 

I'm witnessing to a man that stopped by the booth:

There were multiple witnessing conversations going on all around the booth:

Here is my wife, Leann, witnessing:

Here is Teresa in a witnessing conversation:

This is my first time sharing the gospel at a booth at a flea market.  It is very effective.  Many people come up to the table, asking questions, taking gospel tracts and materials, and they are then open to talk about spiritual things. 

Joplin Mall Witnessing

Later this evening, we went to the Joplin mall.  Technically, they don't really want people in the mall passing out gospel tracts, but there isn't anything against starting up a witnessing conversation with someone.  We still passed out tracts when we were able to. 

We had a great time witnessing today.  I thank God for those who came out to share the gospel. 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair