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Evangelism Talk 080705

Introducing Evangelism
  to Tri Lakes Church
  August 7, 2005


This morning we set up a table at our church with many of the items from the "Way of the Master" ministry. My wife and I will begin teaching an evangelism "Foundation Course" class on Wednesday nights, beginning August 10, 2005 for 8 weeks.

Our church is Tri Lakes Church in Branson, Missouri. We were selling the Study Guides that follow along with the classes. We had many of the gospel tracts from and

Here are some of the pictures of our table setup:

We had quite a few people come by the table and talk with us. We had an assortment of gospel tracts for people to look at. We were also giving away the "million dollar bill" gospel tracts to people. Those always go over well, folks love them.

We had quite a few (I'd say about 8 folks) that came by the table that were from out of state. They were in Branson on vacation or visiting relatives. Some of them even bought the Study Guides and were going to look up information about Way of the Master. They wanted to go through the classes and get it going in their church where they live. Praise God!! I knew that with us witnessing in Branson that they would get interested in evangelism and take it back home, but this church has many visitors from all over the country as well. They are doing the same thing!

We had a missionary couple that the church supports each month visiting from Thailand. When they got up to speak, they told the congregation that they really need to attend the Wednesday nights evangelism classes that will be taught. They may not be evangelists to another country, but they are to be evangelists out in Branson and where ever they go.

We had people saying they are looking forward to the class starting next Wednesday.

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair