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Evangelism Class 081705

Evangelism Training - Week 2
 at Tri Lakes Church
  August 17, 2005


Tonight was week number two of Way of the Master at Tri-Lakes Center church in Branson, Missouri. We showed "God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life" video. It was awesome!! Last week we had about as many as we normally ever have - 105 people- on Wednesday night, due to the teachers being spread around and other ministries going on. Tonight we had 139 people!!!! It looks like people are going out and getting their friends and bringing them to church. That just shows that there is a hunger for learning how to witness to others.

People loved the video. The video discusses how modern evangelism, which is basically "friendship evangelism" and telling others of all the benefits that they can get if they come to Christ. This is all we hear in the church as a whole now days. It is not Biblical. The issue isn't one of life enhancement, but of righteousness. It doesn't matter how happy a sinner is, or how much pleasure he is having in sin, he will perish on the day of wrath. We need righteousness to be in a "right standing" with God on Judgment Day. They seemed to whole-heartedly agree.

There was discussion going on in the question and answer time. The pastor, Mark Shorey, was agreeing with it. He has a heart for the lost already, but he has never heard this training and he is excited.

I read some of the stats about the follow-up numbers being terrible for different outreaches. The fall away rate for people making a "decision for Christ" is close to 90% to 95%. The way we have heard about witnessing isn't working too well, it's broke, basically. Christians are passionate about learning how to Biblically, effectively, share their faith. I am very excited.

After service a man came up to me who was looking extremely focused and serious. He walked up and gave me a hug. He said, "I have grown up in church all my life. I have been in kids ministry, youth and adult classes in church. I have NEVER heard any teaching, either formally or informally, about how to reach the lost like this. We never tell someone, you are a sinner and you need the righteousness of God'. We always talk about the benefits and how God will walk with them and be with them....always sugar-coating the real issue- which is they are a sinner and on their way to hell. This is a very good teaching and we need it". Praise God!!!!

After service, pastor said to Leann and I, "Okay, how long until we get to the actual training about how to put this into practice? Because as soon as that episode is finished, we are having a sign-up sheet for people to meet that Satuday at the church and we are going down to Historic Downtown Branson and we are going to witness to everyone down there!!" WOW. It's like I'm holding him back! Anyway, that is what happened tonight.

Please keep the church in your prayers. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to build a fire in their hearts, and give them an extreme passion for sharing their faith with other.

Praise God!

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair