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Evangelism Styles Questionnaire

Read below to learn your personal evangelism style

Read each of the 36 statements below and record a number for each that reflects the degree to which you think that statement fits you.  Your choices are from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest match to who you are, and 5 the highest.  Here's a description of what each number means:

5.................That's totally me
4.................Pretty much like me
3.................Somewhat like me
2.................A little like me
1.................That's not like me at all

After you complete the questionnaire, transfer these numbers to the "Evangelism Styles Total Page" to determine the style that fits you best.

1.  In Conversations, I like to approach topics directly, without much small talk or "beating around the bush."

2.  I have a hard time getting out of a bookstore without buying a bunch of new books that will help me understand what people are thinking.

3.  I often speak out of my personal background or experience in order to illustrate a point I am trying to make. 

4.  I am a "people-person" who places a high value on friendship. 

5.  I enjoy adding or including new people in activities I'm involved in. 

6.  I see needs in people's lives that others often overlook.

7.  I don't shy away from challenging someone when it seems necessary. 

8.  I tend to be analytical and logical. 

9.  I often identify with others by using phrases like , "I used to think that, too," or "I once felt the way you do."

10.  People have commented about my ability for developing deep friendships. 

11.  To be honest, I often watch for situations in which someone "better qualified" can explain concepts to my friends. 

12.  I find fulfillment in helping others, often in behind-the-scenes ways. 

13.  I do not have a problem confronting my friends with the truth even if it strains the relationship. 

14.  In conversations, I naturally key in on questions that are holding up a person's understanding or progress. 

15.  When I talk around the locker room or the drinking fountain, people really listen. 

16.  I would rather delve into personal life issues than abstract theoretical ideas. 

17.  It is not unusual for me to attend special events or concerts and bring along a carful of friends. 

18.  I would rather show love though actions than through words.

19.  I think the world would be a lot better place if people would stop being so sensitive about everything and just speak the truth!

20.  I enjoy discussions and debates on difficult questions.

21.  I intentionally share my mistakes and struggles with others when it will help them consider solutions that could help them. 

22.  I prefer discussing a person's life before getting into the details of their beliefs and opinions. 

23.  I tend to watch for worthwhile events to bring people to (such as enriching seminars, retreats, classes, or church services). 

24.  I have found that my quiet demonstrations of love and care sometimes help people open up and become more receptive to what I think. 

25.  A motto that would fit me is: "Make a difference or a mess, but do something."

26.  Often when listening to teachers or TV commentators, I mentally (or even verbally) argue with their positions and logic. 

27.  People seem interested in hearing stories about things that have happened in my life. 

28.  I enjoy long talks with friends, and it doesn't matter much where we are or where we're going. 

29.  I am always looking for a match between the needs and interests of my friends and various books, classes, and programs that they would enjoy or benefit from. 

30.  I think the world would be a better place if people would talk less and take more action on behalf of their friends and neighbors. 

31.  I sometimes get in trouble for lacking gentleness and sensitivity in the way I interact with others. 

32.  I like to get at the deeper reasons for opinions that people hold. 

33.  I am still amazed at how God has worked in my life and I would like others to know about it. 

34.  People generally consider me to be an interactive, sensitive, and caring kind of person. 

35.  A highlight of my week is when I can take a guest with me to a helpful learning event, including church. 

36.  I tend to be more practical and action-oriented than philosophical and idea-oriented. 

Evangelism Styles Totals

Transfer the numbers for each of the 36 questions above and total each below. 

Direct: #1 + #7 + #13 + #19 + #25 + #31 = _____

Intellectual: #2 + #8 + #14 + #20 + #26 + #32 = _____

Testimonial: #3 + #9 + #15 + #21 + #27 + #33 = _____

Interpersonal: #4 + #10 + #16 + #22 + #28 + #34 = _____

Invitational: #5 + #11 + #17 + #23 + #29 + #35 = _____

Serving: #6 + #12 + #18 + #24 + #30 + #36 = _____

What do the Numbers Mean?

1.  Based on your highest total from above, locate your primary evangelism style on the Evangelism Styles Affirmations page.

2.  Read through the information for your primary evangelism style  and determine the items you think apply to you.  If you sense that this style is not particularly descriptive of you, look at the style that had the second highest total on your "Evangelism Styles Questionnaire".  See if that seems to be a better match. 

3.  From that same information, identify one idea for developing your primary style that you think you could apply in your life, as well as one caution to watch out for.

As you calculate your primary and secondary evangelism styles, keep in mind that God can use you in ways that you don't think fit your "personality".  For example, I am a very quiet and shy person around people I don't know.  However, God put a passion and desire in my heart to be more of "The Direct Approach" with people when I am witnessing - and only when I am witnessing.  The most important thing is to be led by the Holy Spirit and do whatever He asks of you.


This information is adapted from the book and Participant's Guide, "Becoming A Contagious Christian", by Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg and Bill Hybels