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Diversity Weekend Aug09

Street Witnessing

Diversity Weekend
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

August 8, 2009


The summer "Diversity Weekend" was held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, at the Basin Park.  I drove down on Saturday, August 8th to stand for God against this sin and to preach the gospel.  I met up with the Jericho Riders, as well as Don Simmons and John Matuszyk from Little Rock, Arkansas.  
There were approx. 10 Christians who came out to be a witness for Christ. 


Some of us were passing out gospel tracts before the Public Display of Affection began.  It's difficult to go to any event and not pass out gospel tracts!

To view the pictures of this event, click here, or you can view them below.

Basin Park, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Diversity Crowd Gathers for Public Display of Affection Pictures

Homosexual Public Display of Affection

We waited until 10:45am or so before we began our open air preaching.  Kevin Thompson started out with reading the Bible and then preached. 

Kevin Thompson Open Air Preaching

Below you will see a picture of the Diversity crowd blowing bubbles around the crowd and the open air preachers.  They were also popping balloons.  One thing that is sad, is that they teach their children to walk around and blow the bubbles as a distraction to the open air preachers.  You will see the little boys and girls walking right up to the preachers and doing this.   

Diversity Supporters Blowing Bubbles and Popping Balloons, Trying to Disrupt Our Open Air Preaching

The Police Came Over to Ask Them to Stop Popping Balloons and Show Some Respect to Us

Don Simmons Open Air Preaching

As John and I were standing there watching Don open air preach, a woman in her 50's came up and asked if we were having a good time at the event.  I told her, "Yes, outstanding".  She said, "Good".  She was friendly.  She thought John and I were "a couple".  She asked where were we from, then she pointed to Don preaching and told us to just ignore them.  I told her, "We are with them".  She immediately gave us a dirty look and used her fingers to make a cross symbol, like she was warding us off as evil.  She wouldn't talk to us any longer after that. 

Brad St. Clair Open Air Preaching

When I stood to open air preach, I used this woman as an example.  I explained that we, as Christians are labeled as being judgmental, condemning, and non-loving.  However, this woman with the Diversity group was nice to us until she found out we were Christians, then she was rude, giving us dirty looks and acting as if we were evil, and wouldn't even talk to us any longer.  This is just one proof that they are not as loving as they present themselves to be. 

The other open air preachers did a good at presenting the gospel, so I just talked about how God is loving, but he is also a God of wrath.  He must punish sin.  Jesus came to pay the price for our sins.  One sin is the sin of homosexuality.  I explained how many folks who are engaged in this lifestyle say there is nothing wrong with it.  However, I read quite a few scriptures that speak of homosexuality as a sin.  Such as:

Lev. 20:13; Lev. 18:22 & 29; I Cor. 6:9-10; Rom. 1:26-27; Gen. 19:4-6 & 12-13; Jude 7; I Tim. 1:9-12; Deut. 22:5

After the pics were taken of the PDA, most dispersed.  We did stay around for a bit and had some good conversations with folks.  At one point, a lady we didn't know stepped into one of our conversations and began witnessing to someone we were talking to.  Praise God. 

We had a good time in the Lord today.  We were able to preach the gospel and stand up for God.  We are now having better conversations with folks there, as time goes on.  I think there is more listening going on by both them and us.  This is a good thing. 

Please pray for folks that we made contact with.