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Diversity Weekend Apr10

Street Witnessing

Diversity Weekend
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

April 10, 2010


The spring "Diversity Weekend" (gay pride event) was held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, at the Basin Park.  I drove down to stand for God against this sin and to preach the gospel.  I met up with the Jericho Riders, as well as Don Simmons and John Matuszyk from Little Rock, Arkansas. 


I passed out some gospel tracts before I arrived at the Basin Park, and just a few after I arrived.  The crowd at the Diversity Weekends know we're Christians and don't want anything to do with us, normally. 

To view the pictures of this event, click here, or you can view them below.

Brad St. Clair (me) Open Air Preaching

When I first arrived, Jim Carroll with the Jericho Riders told me that the Eureka Springs police already told him that if we told anyone that they were going to hell, that someone would be going to jail today.  That is not usual for the police in Eureka Springs.  Normally, the are gracious and allow us to open air preach during the event, even backing some of the hecklers away from us. 

However, we know our constitutional rights.  We were not going to be threatened.  I called my wife, who immediately put out a prayer request to our church and others.  Not long after this, the police told Jim that it looks like everything is going good.  He didn't have a problem with Kevin, who was open air preaching at the time.  It appeared the police had started being gracious towards us again.  Praise God for all the prayers.  Thanks.

Kevin Open Air Preaching - Persecution (of sorts) by the Diversity folks

At one end of the park, there was a group playing acoustical instruments and singing old southern gospel songs, such as "I'll Fly Away", etc.  It sounded good, but it kind of collided with our open air preaching as well.

The police officer told Jim that there is a lady who has a permit from the City who has the right to speak with a bullhorn at 11:30am.  A little after 11:30am, she went up to the top area where the bands normally play.  She used her bullhorn to thank all the gay and lesbian couples for coming out to the Diversity Weekend and for the Public Display of Affection group photo.  Kevin was still preaching below her, and he was louder than she was - even with her bullhorn.  She told the crowds to ignore the "homophobes", which meant she was talking about us. 

Even though I know the reason behind it (Satan), it never ceases to amaze me how they call us "homophobes" and "haters".  They (the homosexuals) claim they are tolerant and love everyone.  However, they call us names, treat us badly, and are downright rude or mean to us.  That is not very loving or tolerant.  I suppose they are tolerant and loving to everyone unless they disagree with their lifestyle.  This is the reason: John 15:18 says, "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you."  John 7:7 says, "The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me because I testify of it that its works are evil."  If sinners have a problem with us, they have a problem with God.  We are speaking his Word when we go out.  It's who we represent that they hate. 

Don Open Air Preaching - With two types or persecution

There were many people at the Basin Park this day.  They weren't all there for the Diversity Weekend.  I talked to one lady, who sat on the front row bench with her small son and listened to the gospel being presented by the preacher. 

John told me of a woman who had tears in her eyes, saying she was very glad we were out here, being a witness for Christ amid all this gay pride. 

Jim and I talked to an elderly gentleman (at separate times), who had come to Eureka Springs on vacation from Ada, Oklahoma.  He was a Christian.  He told me that he has heard about "this sort of thing" going on, but he has never seen it.  He was shocked to see all the displays of affection between the homosexuals and them pushing it right out in public, not being the least bit embarrassed about it.  He was glad that we were out here being a witness for Christ and standing against this sin.  He said if only one person came out of that lifestyle and it took us a year of coming out, it would be worth it. 

John Open Air Preaching-With the Gorilla all over the place

At noon in the Basin Park, the gay and lesbian folks gather for a group picture, where they do PDA (Public Display of Affection).  This event seemed worse than the others I've attended.  There were a couple of "couples" that were really kissing - for a while.  NOTE: KIDS, GET YOUR PARENT'S PERMISSION BEFORE LOOKING AT THE FOLLOWING PICS. 

Diversity Weekend Public Display of Affection Group Photo

Two Women

Top: Two Men  -  Bottom: Two Women

We pray for everyone that we came into contact today.  We pray that the Holy Spirit convicts their heart of the sin of homosexuality, or any sin that is separating them from Christ and from being born-again.  We pray that they repent and believe in Christ to save them. 

It's very sad to see that sin can be paraded around, unashamedly, and that Christians are the ones that are made out to be "the bad guys".  But we know that the Bible says this will happen.  It's just sad to see it actually taking place. 

We, as Christians, cannot just sit back and do nothing.  I thank God for the Christians that I met up with in Eureka Springs to be a witness for Christ in this ungodly world.  We must remember Jesus' command in Mark 16:15: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature".  Also, the Bible says in Psalm 94:16:


If you are a Christian, pray and ask God what He wants you to do for Him.  It's already spelled out in the Bible, but find out how you will go about it with your giftings and abilities, etc. 

May God bless you.

Brad St. Clair