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Carrie Underwood 061510

Carrie Underwood Concert
John Q Hammons Arena

Springfield, MO

  June 15, 2010


I went to this concert with a friend from my church, Chris.  We went to the concert to pass out gospel tracts and be a witness for Jesus Christ.

There were approx. 9,000 people attending the concert. We passed out roughly 1,000 gospel tracts.

There is something wrong when so called "Christians" receive a gospel tract and get angry that you are passing them out.  We are very friendly and unoffensive while handing them out.  For example, we gave a man and his family the Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts.  After I told him they were gospel tracts, he sternly began collecting them from each family member, told me he was a pastor and they didn't need them - and to give them to someone else.  He was very rude about it as well. 

Then, you get someone that appears to be a wild, party animal, who gladly accepts the tract, even though they know what it is. Their heart is open to reading and/or talking about the gospel more than the pastor was. 


We pray the Holy Spirit will convict those who read the gospel message on the tracts, that they will ask for forgiveness and be born again.

God bless,

Below are all the pics we took at this event.