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Brad Paisley 2-25-12
Brad Paisley Concert - with American Idol Winner, Scotty McCreary

JQH Arena
Springfield, MO

February 25, 2012


This evening, my 17 year old daughter, Alexis, and I, went to the JQH Arena in Springfield, MO.  Brad Paisley was in concert.  Along with Brad Paisley, American Idol winner, Scotty McCreary was in concert as well. 

We went to this event to pass out gospel tracts and share the gospel with those who were there.  After arriving, we were surprised to see so many other Christians who had showed up to be a witness for the Lord.  In total, there were approx. 18 or 19 people who were there. 

Others who were there were Dennis Vance with Seek and Save the Lost Ministries, Greg Marlin with Born of Him Ministries, Greg's pastor, Jeff and his son.  Also, Nick and Dawn Smith who had recently contacted me via my website came out.  There were a couple other people who brought several with them.  I was encouraged to see kids and teenagers there to pass out gospel tracts as well as adults. 

Here is Alexis passing out gospel tracts

Here is a note that Alexis wrote of her evening:

As I watched people hurry into the John Q. Hammons arena in Springfield last night for the sold out Brad Paisley concert, I thought of how long it had been since I’ve passed out tracts anywhere. For a moment, I wondered what these strangers would think of me, but then I remembered that isn’t about me and whether or not they accept me. I jumped right in, and it turns out that giving away a million dollars isn’t all that difficult. Many people accepted them, some declined them, and others ignored us. My favorite response was when a big group of guys eagerly grabbed them, all excitedly shouting out things that I can’t exactly repeat. Over 600 tracts were passed out just between my dad and me, and there were around 16 other people there passing out tracts also! All in all, it was a very efficacious evening.

Here is a video of Alexis passing out gospel Tracts at the Concert

Here I am passing out gospel tracts

Here is Dennis passing out gospel tracts

Dennis and Alexis Passing out Gospel Tracts

I am praying quite often that the Lord will raise up laborers to go out into the world and share the gospel.  Jesus commanded us in Mark 16:15: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature".  Many Christians get so wrapped up in life that they say they don't have time to share the gospel.  That is really not a valid excuse.  Everyone is busy.  It's all a matter of what you make a priority in your life.  We always have time for what's important to us. 

Alexis Passing out Gospel Tracts

Brad Passing out Gospel Tracts

Greg brought his open air preaching speaker and step stool.  He set it up and began to open air preach.  I didn't get any pictures of Greg open air preaching.  When he was finished, Dennis took his turn to open air preach. While Dennis was preaching, a young man left the crowd and walked up to him while he was on the stool. He extended his hand and shook Dennis' hand, and said something like, "God bless you". Praise God.  

Dennis Open Air Preaching

I hadn't planned on open air preaching tonight.  It has been quite a while since I had done this.  Greg talked me into it, so I did a short open air.  We just have to remember that no matter how much we think we didn't do a "good job" for the Lord, His Word never returns void.  The Holy Spirit will convict a person's heart. 

Brad Open Air Preaching

There was a young man that came out to witness who wanted to open air preach. He had never done so before. He got up on the step stool, put on the microphone and open air preached. I thank God for this young man, who had the boldness to stand up for God, caring more about pleasing God than his fear.

Alexis and I had been on the south side of the JQH Arena up to this point. We decided to go the sidewalk on the north side. We are glad we did. There were so many people walking through that area. Alexis stood there with two other teenagers and passed out a lot of gospel tracts.

Alexis Passing out Gospel Tracts

The concert started at 7:30pm.  At this time, the majority of the people rushing inside had slowed down.  We decided to leave.  Alexis and I went over to my friends' house to visit, eat chocolate banana bread and drink hot chocolate and warm up.  They loaned us some gloves and we headed off to downtown Springfield to see about witnessing there. 

Tonight was Mardi Gras Pubcrawl in downtown Springfield.  We arrived around 9:00pm.  The place was not busy like we thought it would be.  It was very windy and cold.  We walked around, checking out what those who were there were doing. 

We talked with the group on the corner that holds signs to be a witness for the Lord.  While we were talking with them, two men came up to the guy I was talking to, who was holding the sign.  He was trying to get people to sign a petition to legalize marijuana.  He held up his sign next to the guy I was talking to, while his buddy took their picture. 

Alexis was not happy that these guys who were trying to get marijuana legalized were making fun of the guy with the sign.  She told him, "That is low of you to do that."  They bantered back and forth a few times, with Alexis never backing down from him.  She was standing up for this man and his right to stand up for the Lord, and she was letting this other guy know they were wrong by doing what they were doing.  The guy finally walked off. 

I'm proud of Alexis.  She stood up for her beliefs and wasn't afraid to voice them.  I wish more people would do that. 

I thank God for those who were obedient to the Lord in coming out witnessing tonight. 

To see all pictures of the evening, Click Here, or see below. 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair