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Billings Parade 090410

Billings Parade
Billings, MO

  September 4, 2010


There was a parade today in Billings, MO. One of our church members, Lance, had built a very large, very heavy wooden cross, and felt led to drag it through the parade. He signed up to be in the parade.  We walked alongside Lance to give moral support and pray for him.  We also passed out gospel tracts to the people sitting and standing in line to watch the parade.

Paul, Tori and i walked alongside Lance and passed out gospel tracts to the people who were lined up to watch the parade.

Lance kept carrying the cross up and down the hills in the parade route. Every now and then you would hear folks clap or give an encouraging word. Some were taking pictures or video of Lance carrying the cross. In a parade, you normally see cars, floats, tractors (around here, anyway), but you don’t often see a man carrying a cross for Jesus. It made an impression and made them think about spiritual matters.

We had a great day at the parade. Jesus was lifted up and gospel tracts were passed out to be read later. We pray the Holy Spirit convicts each heart that saw the cross and reads the gospel message.

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We thank God for each person who came out to be a witness for Christ.

God bless,