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Autumn Daze 092306
33rd Annual
Autumn Daze Arts & Crafts Festival
Downtown Branson, MO

Street Witnessing
September 23, 2006


Downtown Branson, Missouri, has an annual event called, "Autumn Daze Arts & Crafts Festival".  Many people from all over come to Branson, where the streets are blocked off and tables and exhibits are set up. 

This is a great place to pass out gospel tracts and witness.  I also Open Air Preached.  See the video below. 

This afternoon we had some folks from the evangelism Sunday School class we teach at James River Assembly, Outward In Evangelism come out.  They were, Scott and Kelly McGinnis and their two kids, McKinley and Mason.  We had GNN Seed Sowers Michael Borich and Leann St. Clair (my wife) and Alexis (my daughter) come out. 

There was a 70% chance of rain during this festival today.  I prayed that God would keep it from raining, so that we could pass out tracts and witness to folks.  Praise God…not one drop of rain. 

This arts and crafts festival had a street in downtown Branson blocked off.  There were quite a few people around.  We all met up and before we could all get organized and set off in directions, we must have given away about 40 gospel tracts (the giant $100 bills).  Folks seen us standing there with them and we were just handing them out.  They would walk up and ask for them.

The giant money they are holding is the Giant Money gospel tracts we pass out sometimes.

We gave out at least 1,000 gospel tracts today.  We had some good conversations with Christians and non Christians. 

Right before we left the festival, I jumped up on a park bench in the street that was blocked off for the festival and began asking trivia questions and giving away stuffed animals as prizes. 

After a crowd was gathered I asked for a volunteer to take the good person test.  A lady named Vickie volunteered.  We went through God's Law, the Ten Commandments with her.  Then we discussed that Jesus Christ paid our penalty on the cross for our sins.  We broke God’s Law and Jesus paid our fine.  It was a pretty friendly crowd.  Afterwards, we had a few people come up and talk to us. 

Here is a Video of my Open Air Preaching

Please pray for those who received a gospel tract or who heard the gospel this day. 

In Christ,

Brad St. Clair